Car Rides: Tesla Model S and X Irish review 2017

Car Rides: Tesla Model S and X Irish review 2017

Car Ride:Tesla Model S and X Irish review 2017

Tesla has come to Ireland and they brought me on an epic road trip around my home country. Subscribe for more!
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30 Replies to “Car Rides: Tesla Model S and X Irish review 2017”

  1. While I love the Tesla ideals, the fact is there is many hurdles to overcome before they become a player in the Irish & UK market. Pricing & charging stations are the biggest ones.
    I have 2 part video about Tesla on my channels talking about the Irish market since they opening in Ireland April 2017.

  2. whats the difference between using your cell phone or playing with that big i-pad while driving. one you dial the phone you are looking forward but with that center pad you are always looking at to get to what you want.

  3. Bob I'm changing my car so I decided to look at the Nissan leaf what a car drove out of the garage and there was 118 km left on battery went for a 20 minute drive and when I pulled back into the garage there was 114 km left on battery due to brake regeneration brilliant. But instead of the leaf I bought a new Honda Civic WHY? because nearly 8 times out of 10 theres always a non electric car parked in the bays. I go to my local beach most Sundays which is a 55km drive so I'd like to charge up but nearly every time I'm there the 2 bays are full of non electric cars.This is the main reason I won't buy an electric car.

  4. Any idea of what a service costs / what is needed typical brakes / tires ? If it is anything like hybrid the second hand value (oh boy 🙁 ) I live in NY and you can get second hand models for $48K with about 30K miles on the clock. The new model 3 will be around $38K new so that the one to wait for

  5. Well, Tesla are obviously very confident in the Irish market seeing they have just installed a bunch of Tesla charges in Ballacolla of all places. I suppose it's half way from Dublin to Cork. I live less than 5 mins away from there so I'm annoyed with myself for missing this. Does this mean I will see a load of Tesla's go no through Abbeyliex to avoid the toll in Portlaoise. Lol.

  6. 9:48

    Scale of production, Bob. That's what the Gigafactory is for, to more than halve the price of a battery.

    It's not giving it a fair shake to argue the cost savings of a Model S. If someone was going to buy between a Model S and A8, will they ever be really concerned how much it'll save them?
    I'd normally favour driving anything with an electric motor over a V6 or V8 because of how unstrained and refined they feel.

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