Car Rides: The 2016 Mercedes E Class Review

Car Rides: The 2016 Mercedes E Class Review

Car Ride:The 2016 Mercedes E Class Review

Here’s a review of what might be the quietest saloon on the market in Ireland

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41 Replies to “Car Rides: The 2016 Mercedes E Class Review”

  1. The transition from the angles of film, is excellent. The approach you take to the product you are testing reveals honesty. Congratulations. A very accurate set in my impression.

  2. You mention the price £60.000, but never the options chosen. Is it quiet because it comes with the optionally acoustic windows? Nice over speed bumps! Due to air suspension or does it ride on springs?

  3. I just buy car thanx to you. Your video when you tested a6 bitd 313ps help me to decide and I just buy brand new a6 326ps bitd, tnx Bob!

  4. Best review of yours I've ever seen. Set a great ambience. I'd have to say though, the upgraded wide-screen infotainment screen is a MUST.

  5. Great review Bob!  Love the editing and sound track, it gets better at every review.   There is a feeling of serenity just watching the video so I can imagine how quiet it must be.

  6. The step up in this from the old model for me is enormous. Its really just a smaller S class. I really like what Mercedes has done over the past few years. The new GLC is probably one of my favorite cars at the moment. Btw Bob any chance of you reviewing one in the near future?

  7. Properly nice review, delicious spec given (except small nav). Longer reviews ftw and as for friday + Merc set a really good mood. Btw can you fit behind your driving position?

  8. Cracking work as always Bob, got some lovely cinematography going on these days.

    That said, I just can't seem to get excited about Mercedes and what they're offering lately. All very competent but there's something also very bland about them at the same time. Though I suppose it's been that way for the last 20 odd years.

  9. Very good review Bob, liking the Casey Neistat style opening! This E-Class is definitely improved, it'll be interesting to see the new 5 Series next!

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