Car Rides: The 2016 Opel Astra Tourer reveiw

Car Rides: The 2016 Opel Astra Tourer reveiw

Car Ride:The 2016 Opel Astra Tourer reveiw

Yes it’s a Vauxhall in the UK but under the badge it’s still the same car so let’s find out if I like it.

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  1. just ordered the astra sri nav 1.6 200psi. very impressed with the design both inside and out and having driven the insignia 1.5 petrol turbo which was very impressive in terms of power, the astra should have bags of power to spare.

  2. How do you compare it with the Ford Focus SW? I was indecise between the two but ended up buying the Focus because the deal was just better and it had 7 year/100k kms warranty against 2 for the Astra.

  3. got mine now for about 5 months (1.6 diesel) and drove around 24000km. only critics so far: small fuel tank, the navigation system hung up about 10 times and there´s a lack of places to put your small things in. I normally use the 2 cup holders, to store some pens and stuff. Every morning they struggle with my mug…..don´t order the seperate disc-player, it´s placed inside the glovebox and makes it pretty useless. In complete I´m really satisfied with the Astra, the seats are perfect and very comfortable. I´d buy one again, for sure.

  4. One thing I'd like to ask, and I'm in the Uk and just ordered a Vaux Astra Sports Tourer; Are the Opel ones made at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire or are Opel made in Germany? My Uncle bought a brand new 'Opel Kadett' in 1979/1980(?) It was a V reg and the same as the boxy Mk1 Astra. At the time, he said he had chosen Opel over Vauxhall as Opel had a higher spec. I wondered if it was still the same? Are Opel a little better than Vaux? I'd have liked an Opel, simply because it's 'different' to the thousands of Vauxhalls on English roads. I'd have travelled to the Emerald Isle if I'd known I could buy one over the water, I just assumed I'd have to go all the way to Germany for one. Cheers, loved your review Bob. PS the reason office workers get headaches is because they hate being confined in offices for 8+ hours a day, whereas you evidently love your job and are not cooped up so no headaches!

  5. Great review Bob. GM only sold the Astra for a couple of years in the states. It was expensive and not popular though it got pretty good reviews. We get the Chevrolet Cruze instead. Adblue (aqueous urea solution) will probably be used in nearly all diesels in the future (not just the larger displacement engines). That is if major manufacturers continue to offer diesels at all (the aforementioned Chevy Cruze is available with a diesel). It actually has nothing to do with reducing CO2 emissions. It reduces oxides of nitrogen.

  6. Surprised to hear the Fiat Tipo being mentioned!
    Anyway, cars are more efficient hence the smaller tanks but who fills their tank anyway? More fuel, more weight, less efficiency!
    Nice review, nice car but I would never put it on my shopping list, 308 and Megane are more interesting

  7. finally good review. you pointed good things which you never see it in the newspaper reviews. i kinda gave you last chance as the last review of yours was a joke. good to see you came back. more of these please

  8. Good note about the fuel tank. What are the manufacturers thinking? The Renault Talisman 47L ?! Mercedes C 41L, GLC 50L Order for the MB the bigger tanks. For me a reason to skip cars with these baby capacity fuel tanks. Fuel tanks must be at least 60L from C level up.

  9. Another great review Bob. A bit concerning the small fuel tank for the rep boys thrashing up and down the motorway. When do you get your hands on the new Audi S4? I can imagine it being right up your street.

  10. For the boot you have to choose the Flex Organizer package for not too much and you will get hooks and a flex divider net. It's a very useful, easy handling stuff, I like it.
    Otherway I've a 1.4 turbo petrol which is as good as the 1.6 136LE diesel in my opinion, a bit higher fuel consumption but very quiet, a bit faster, very well balanced between comfort and sporty driving.

  11. Hello Bob, what a lovely review! Very well detailed but 35.000€ for a Opel Austra is too much. I can get a VW Golf, Mercedes-Benz B and a Audi A3 sedan with that money, at list here in Finland. Plus no " automatic gearbox" .Those cars above are with the middle specs with DSG or 7-GTronic. So it's a no go for me.

  12. My Dad owns the 5 door SRI 1.6 110hp, no addblue on that particular diesel engine. Done 15000km and averaged 4.6l, super economy and no sacrifice in performance. Lovely engine, no turbo lags below 2000rpm like some competitor diesels. Head turner in red also

  13. Shopping wise I just use carry crates in the boot. I don't bother with bags, you'll need a trolley though to get your groceries to your boot. Then, when he get home, just bring in the crates. Tesco even do it this way…..

  14. I reckon the board computer is giving false economy numbers hence you only got 720km out of full tank. If you really got 4.6 avg and the tank is 48l you'd expect over 1000km on one tank. If you brim it up you'd get extra 4l perhaps? So it's not that tragic (e.g. BMW M135i/M235i with 3l petrol gets 52l tank, and there's no adblue – that is ridiculous).

  15. Tested the standard Astra, nice but the quiet diesel had a jerking engine at lowish revs. Onstar was useful but it's a subscription and with satnav on mobiles and apple etc carplay I wondered what the point was at the expected price

  16. Nice review! Also would like to see more inside the car how it looks and the tech and seats. And outside the lighting and and design and generally the features of the car. Maybe consider having a gopro camera in eye height while driving so we who is watching can see what u see in the car when driving. Keep up the good work!:)

  17. 1:37 in, and there's an Alfa 156 going in the opposite direction. That made me watch the whole vid, hoping to see another Alfa…LOL
    Good effort as per usual Bob, but I'll not be rushing out to make a purchase.

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