Car Rides: The all new Kia Stinger review 2018

Car Rides: The all new Kia Stinger review 2018

Car Ride:The all new Kia Stinger review 2018

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32 Replies to “Car Rides: The all new Kia Stinger review 2018”

  1. I just bought a Black Stinger GT and it is amazing!! All my mates that have been for a drive in it love it too and they are Brand loyal to other makes! lol

  2. Saw my first Stinger in the wild today (Australia). Ever since local production stopped, the Falcon and Commodore can't rely on patriotism to sell. Stinger's going to eat up the performance sedan market.

  3. What it tells me is that Kia should be focusing their efforts on EVs and infrastructure so that they don't get lumped in with everything else that's about to hit the EU market. Producing a V6 3.3l is incongruent.

  4. If I had to spend my money on a car of this class, I would definitely go for this over the German cars. Am willing to sacrifice some of the tiniest details for 10k.

    But I would love to see a high-performance hybrid powertrain available for the best combination of everyday efficiency, but plenty of power.

  5. I own a $130,000 BMW and a Stinger – You'll be a fool to buy a BMW – Kia has more tech, you didnt review the seat cooling and the UNIT!

    European cars are backed by a 3 year cover not 7 like kia. A good reason why this is the case if you have ever owned one.

  6. Wait till you go and sell it and then the 10K cost saving will about cover the depreciation. Note all US cars have to have rear cameras to avoid the many pedestrians killed as drivers reversed, its not some nice extra. Stinger aimed at M5 buyers or even M-sport BMWs. Simple spec to go after low end performance buyers – big engine/lots of kit/fast in straight line but not the best road holding is the reason buyers pay for good BMWs and RS Audis and AMG Mercs and not "sporty" Fords/Opels and Pug-Citroen (RS Fords excluded). Kia headhunted the designers as Kia, pre Audi designer, was just another cheap asian car.

  7. Its probably better than anything Ford has out in the same class so it must be doing well, but saying that.. It;s still a KIA and not a German pedigree and i just feel that the quality and reliability over time will let the KIA down over the VW Group.

  8. lol ..People in the States and Australia are just as brand conscious if not even more ! Stinger is not exactly flying out of the showrooms here ,and fair enough AUD $65k is too much for a Kia. Seems like an imitation car inside and out and would be viewed as one by most in that price range. C'mon M-B stolen interior details everywhere and fake plastic bonnet vents?

  9. I think the GT-s version here in the UK is £40K+, and with no discounts to be had from Kia at the moment, price that against a BMW 440i Gran Coupe with the £10K discounts that can be had, you can get the 440i, specced well for under £40K. Therefore in reality, the Kia would have to show some serious other benefits to get me to buy one over a BMW 440i. In the real world of discounts and finance deals, it's certainly not on price that the Kia has the advantage as may first appear.

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