Car Rides: The All new Volkswagen Crafter 2018 | as big as it gets

Car Rides: The All new Volkswagen Crafter 2018 | as big as it gets

Car Ride:The All new Volkswagen Crafter 2018 | as big as it gets

In my first video van review, I show you what it’s like to drive such a big vehicle. Let see what happens when I drive a giant rigid body van. If you like this hit subscribe and let me know in the comments.

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24 Replies to “Car Rides: The All new Volkswagen Crafter 2018 | as big as it gets”

  1. Now 100% VW, so no more rust, and crappie orange peel metallic paint, If they build it to same standard as the transporter, it will wipe the floor with the sprinter. Front wheel drive so lower to climb in and out of cargo area, not like sprinter.

  2. I don't know about wind tipping a van. Also how about fastening at the's great there are fastening along the middle, but what about the top. If there anything that you can connect to so you put something that is 6ft fence panels and secure them at the top. I'm glad to see that the wheel arches are screwed in as I would whip them off so t corners of those wheel arches don't damage what I sometimes delivery. (3m work tops). Another driver said that the Android/Apple play thing is pretty good for send address details from maps on your phone to the one on the van. That would be good for me as I use Google maps as I can put company names in to get there instead strictly post code. Also the back doors would of been a nice mention if the doors go all the way round like the sprinter Vans and not at a 90 degree angle. But good video.

  3. What's the big deal with Crafters and Sprinters. They always rust. Usually within 3 years. That's not very high end. It's not even very 21st century. Renault or Nissan don't rust and are about 60% of the asking price.

  4. Great work Bob! When purchasing vans it can be very easy to stick to what you know because there is no reviews out there. But with this (hopefully) being the start of van reviews it should make purchasing vans easier for many other business owners to see what other options are available!

  5. Is the new Crafter still based on the Sprinter?
    Btw, No one makes serious van reviews on you tube, this could be a glorious opportunity for you Bob.
    Although, it is pretty relevant for contraktors like my self, to know how many europals a load can carry, so maybe if you another time, showed it more clearly.
    Awesome review though!

  6. Interesting. Is white the default colour just as a blank canvass for advertising Bob? I’m sure van choice is mainly down to running costs especially parts & resale. I always have this chat with my taxi driver to get insights of the professional. €€€

  7. Thanks, Bob. I think this could give the Fiat Ducato and MB Sprinter a headache. Especially on the camper market. That might be interesting for you to do once; you did the VW California..

  8. Volkswagen launched the eCrafter electric version last month for fleet lease. But the battery is only 36kWh so it's not remotely competitive with LDV's more widely available EV80 which has more than double the range.

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