Car Rides: The Audi A5 review

Car Rides: The Audi A5 review

Car Ride:The Audi A5 review

Bang in the middle of the range, Audi bring us the face lift A5 Sportback with five doors. This is what Bob thinks of it.
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35 Replies to “Car Rides: The Audi A5 review”

  1. how does the a5 look like the a7 when the a5 came out before the a7 and anyway the a7 is a more expensive car so if the a5 looks like that then that isn't a bad thing!

  2. I'd take the 1.8 with the extra kit, it looks better and you'll be happy if you spend a little on some toys. The A6 is quickly becoming a sales reps car and 10 extra hp isn't worth it.

  3. I have a question too, under 46K range, should i go 1.8 TFSI with S-Line package and 20 inch wheels + xenon lamps or upgrade to 2.0 TFSI multitronic and go for standard equipment,

  4. Hello Bob, wonderful videos, thanks! I would like you to compare BMW 5, Jaguar XF and Audi A5. What would you say? Greetings from Germany…

  5. I've got mine last week. Its the prefacelift version but its so beautiful. The sportback is just as beautiful as the coupe but you can really use it as a "real" car. Great car. I love my multitronic 2.7 tdi. Every car seller told me the multitronic isnt sporty. But when im sitting in there its awesome. Its a great cruiser – but when you go "pedal to the metal" – it brings you up to speed in no time. Great torque ! I would reccomend everybody to at least check it out. Give it a try! Its great 🙂

  6. If they were both auto box I'd take the A5, less of them of the road and you'll always look a bit sportier than the 520. If they are manual (they shouldn't be) I'd take the 520 ED, it'll go forever on a tank of go juice. By the way the 520 is marginally comfier than the A5 and the doors are a little bigger.

  7. Bob, I've got a choice between this (2.0 TDI 177) and the 520d for my next company car. Seeing as you've driven both which would you pick for your daily driver for the next four years?

  8. The cars I test are provided by the relevant company, none of which are the worst engine. The tax system and fuel economy are very important factors when buying a car in Ireland or Europe so diesel is very important. Petrol engines don't sell much in this country

  9. Everyone is going away from V8 now because it's not CO2 friendly, so most cars will be V6 or maybe V10 until tech turns it's attention to the V8 units. No I wasn't in the S5 only the S6.

  10. This is a question of running costs. the 2.7 quattro has the best handling and the most sporty drive but you'll be lumping fuel in loads. the 2ltr fwd still has good handling but it's far more economical. The 335d is the best handling of the lot if you're into oversteer but the downside is high running costs again including replacing the back tyres every year.
    I'd buy the 2.7ltr quattro if I could afford to run it, best allround choice.

  11. smokerspack in your honest opinion is it worth getting the 2.7litre quattro or stick with the 2 liter front wheel drive. or would you recommend against buying an a5 for a 335d bmw please respond i respect your views

  12. The Audi 2.0tdi is a superb engine, they've done a lot of work on the sound of the engine so it makes a nice noise most of the time. Very economical and you can have an auto box with it, although I'd prefer manual.

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