Car Rides: The Audi A8 long wheel base review

Car Rides: The Audi A8 long wheel base review

Car Ride:The Audi A8 long wheel base review

The mighty Audi A8 long wheel base gets tested, if you think that the A8 is just a luxo-barge then you better think again.
Bob hasn’t been seen since filming this video, Audi want their car back..

This is the same video as before with new music, there were some issues overseas with playback on mobile so as requested here’s the new version

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36 Replies to “Car Rides: The Audi A8 long wheel base review”

  1. People are like, wtf its 40l/100km, but it's impossible! it's like 7 liters/100 km for the turbodiesel model (tdi). It said 40 on the screen because counters like this always lag.

  2. Bob you're a great reviewer fair play, you totally sold that car to me…. if only I had €130,000 knockin around…… hahaha

  3. I bought a vw jetta 2012 tdi due to your review…the problem is i like this review too and also i love the A8..:))i have to won the loterry:))…greatings

  4. very good review as always but you REALLY need a second camera so we can see the dash and outside the windscreen for showing the features you point out as well as breaking up the monotone.

  5. what would be good would be a few stationary camera shots outside, say on a tripod shooting the car passing. A few inserts like that would blend in well. just a thought, well done on these reviews man

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