Car Rides: The Audi Q3 Irish Launch

Car Rides: The Audi Q3 Irish Launch

Car Ride:The Audi Q3 Irish Launch

The new Audi Q3 has been launched in Ireland and Bob went along. Despite having Man Flu he still took the new Audi out for a full test drive.
Additional footage courtesy Audi media see for more details

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14 Replies to “Car Rides: The Audi Q3 Irish Launch”

  1. hello again Bob,just thought you ought to know I will be road testing Q3 with chance to buy next year.Youve sold it baby ! Looking forward to more of your great reviews thanks Bob

  2. I have done all the video/blog/picture/dealer research on this car..and this is by far the best review, Bob is super enthusastic about what he does..but not in a poncy annoying way, just an honest guy giving an honest oppinion, good job Bob!

    P.S Just ordered one.!!

  3. It's probably too small! The US versions of the car makes do make some strange choices of what to release, I'm sure Audi US will eventually release the Q3 over there but there needs to be a demand first

  4. @CavanRail001 Thanks, I'm glad you like it. This Q3 video was at the Irish launch and although they do give plenty of info on the launch days, most of the info is subject to change before the car gets to the showroom. There is another video of the Q3 that I did that goes into prices and options.
    Thanks again

  5. Bob yet again brilliant review. I absolutely love this car and hopefully get one in the near future.After seeing the "Fun" (you didn't have) I want it even more, looks a great drive,strong build all that jazz, could you just do one thing in reviews, tell us what options we can get and maybe the cost also, apart from that Brilliant work.You've a great job !

  6. Not sure if you are part of smokerspack or next gear, but you guys definitely need a new name (something like Irish car reviews etc) and your own channel for these – you will get lots more views of your videos as they are actually very infomative and ebjoyable to watch! Just would help if people could find these more easily. Other than that, good job so far!

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