Car Rides: The Audi RS6 quattro | review | Speed test

Car Rides: The Audi RS6 quattro | review | Speed test

Car Ride:The Audi RS6 quattro | review | Speed test

Bob gets the chance to take the Audi RS6 at full speed down a runway in Ireland. Enjoy

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30 Replies to “Car Rides: The Audi RS6 quattro | review | Speed test”

  1. I tell you what, I think you should test drive the BMW M135i. Had a drive of one the other day and it blew my socks off. Dare I say – its faster than an RS3 and handles like a dream!

  2. My granfather who is now retired a couple of years was the ceo of audi volkswagen ireland also under this was skôda and seat. he had some if the best audis rs6 rs4 once had an opportunity to drive an r8 etc and this brought me into a strong passion for cars (and planes) my favourite car at the moment is an r8 v10 plus the noise is fantastic and the speed!!!

  3. They look brillant up close a previous V10 model rumbeled by me the other day, nearly fell over lookig at it. Pitty they chances of seen one here  are slim.

  4. Always leave us wanting that little bit more bob. Nice purr to that engine after you feather it feather it, then vroom. Lovely stuff. Lovin the new chin warmer looks well on you although I'd say your mrs not too keen. Happy chrimbo lad. Keep it floored.

  5. sadly motortax in Ireland is killing big engines. I really miss my M3 and I would love an RS4 avant or the like, but it would kill me to go back to paying 1800+ per year. So sadly 2.0litre turbo is as exciting as it can get really, be it a WRX or a GTI or something in that vein.

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