Car Rides: The Chrysler Delta review

Car Rides: The Chrysler Delta review

Car Ride:The Chrysler Delta review

Yes we know that it’s the Lancia Delta but it’s been brought into Ireland as the Chrysler Delta so we let Bob loose with it over Christmas. See what he thought of it here.

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  1. hi Bob, just wanted to let you know that I bought a lancia delta 1.8t because of this review that you've made.
    I was always an Italian petrol head, had an Alfa sprint, the a 33 then a Lancia kappa….but since I've "matured" and then kids…. well…you know the ladies….I had to put my passion for Lancia aside….but then I was looking for a car…and came across this video…and you've reminded me of the sparkles dust….I had to get one…and I did…. and have been loving every moment behind the wheel of this car since…I laugh if I see an A3, Golf….ect….they don't even come remotely close to the joy of driving the Lancia


    from Israel

  2. Even though I'm late to the party by about 2 years, thanks for this review Bob – I've found one of these locally, and based on your review, I'm test driving it tomorrow – this could be a real find – it's a straight shootout  between the Delta and the Peugeot 3008 at the moment.

  3. SUV market contest !?! : This ''Delta'' is fat enough to be considered as an SUV ! …so…. just ad a tout terrain powertrain with proper tyres (Evouqe wheels arches) and it would be one of the best looking  SUV around .

  4. Great car, great review, its just a horrible shame that so few people in Ireland want something different! Chrysler haven't sold one yet in 2013! Shame that most people here like sheep flock to their VW/Toyota dealership!

  5. Ne'rtheless their managment has no idea whatsoever what "brand value" is… I'd rather have Lancia dead all the way than having to sell out the ageing Delta (which in itself denies ANY of the sporting heritage of its predecessors) as a budget Chrysler or – even worse – being offered a cheapo Chrysler saloon as the new Thema (which used to be a very sleek, dynamic and modern type of car in the 80s).

  6. I love the Delta, its a shame it got the wrong badge but its good to see it in Ireland. I've owned 11 Italian cars, 1 Lancia, 5 Fiat & 5 Alfa, and not one of them has ever caused me any bother, my Punto did 40k miles/year with no trouble, pity that some people seem to have out-dated views of Italian cars!

  7. I do hope you're still enjoying your Delta, there is something about a Lancia that keeps me happy. Tell your friends about the videos, I need all the fans I can get!

  8. We bought a Lancia Delta 1,4 TB 150hp yesterday! I did have Lancia Dedra in 90's and I've never missed any car afterwards like that one. I cannot say why because it was basically a normal sedan (based on Fiat Tempra) – it just had that something… Since then I've owned many much more expensive cars, Japanese, French, but I know now that it must be an Italian! Regarding to your delta -test, you really do understand what I mean! Thanks for enjoyable tests, you've got a new fan in Finland! 🙂

  9. From your two choices I'd have the Giulietta just because it excites me more, nothing wrong with either car it's just that feeling…you know what I mean, Italian to the bone

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