Car Rides: The Ford Ranger 2017 Review

Car Rides: The Ford Ranger 2017 Review

Car Ride:The Ford Ranger 2017 Review

It’s truck time so here’s a pick-up truck, crew cab, 4×4 and family car all in one. The Ford Ranger goes up against the competition and I try to find out if it really can compete.

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31 Replies to “Car Rides: The Ford Ranger 2017 Review”

  1. nice video.. hopefully picking mine up this saturday :-). we live in australia so its very much seen as a "car" here.. although i went for the automatic. keep an eye out for the ranger raptor coming to australia next year

  2. I have one, a 3.2 Wildtrak auto. Had it a year now and love it. I use it daily covering the NW of England, then at weekends the dog cages go on the back, little boy's toys/bike/suitcases/golf clubs and we go to grandparents in the Lakes. Fantastic car even if the engine is lumpy as hell on idle and dealer can't fix which isn't acceptable at ÂŁ35k.

  3. Much interest in selling a junior f150 in the US but too expensive to build in the USA and mexico is not an option now. Too big for euro roads, we have transits or 4wd jeeps like the landcruiser, Pajero etc. Rob from a pickup boot in the US and get shot, here its different

  4. Yet another good vehicle that Canada will never see…. to bad the "Chicken Tax" in the USA keeps vehicles like that out of the north american market…. they were available here for quite some, time but the pricing was such that it cut into F150 sales, and so it was discontinued here, the diesel versions and crew cab versions were never available here even though I think they would have sold like " hotcakes"…..

  5. Love the new look Ranger a lot more. Feel it is closer to looks of the 150 now, as most UK/IE/EU market pickups have been far uglier affairs till now. Still a shame it is Diesel only.

  6. Can someone contact Bob and tell him that the Grand Tour need a temporary replacement for Jeremy. Bob should get in touch with the Grand Tour and get a interview.

  7. Sorry to say Bob but it appears on this video you are nt taking your own advice on how to properly steer a car , especially going into the roundabout . Nevertheless I love your stuff . Keep up the good work .

  8. My family has a 2015 pre facelift ford ranger wildtrak and its fabulous. Its infinitely practical the amount of crap you can carry in it that you would not dream of putting in the back of a normal SUV or estate car and it can carry and tow a huge amount of weight and go offload. I don't no why pick ups have never been that popular in the UK and Ireland compared to the states.

  9. The Range Rover Sport V8 would be my favourite, The Ford Ranger looks a bit boxy. The rev counter overlapping the fuel gauge, that's not a good idea, because you can't tell what revs your doing and the display isnt easy to read

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