Car Rides: The great electric car charging scandal

Car Rides: The great electric car charging scandal

Car Ride:The great electric car charging scandal

The ESB are about to start charging for on street top-up and you won’t believe how much you are going to have to pay!

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22 Replies to “Car Rides: The great electric car charging scandal”

  1. they seem to be killing the electric market. they're milking the profits from the spiralling cost of petrol and diesel and now they're taking away the incentives to move with the times (I.e. electric cars)
    and I'm sure it can't be that hard to make an electric car go around 200 miles and charge in fifteen minutes? but why would the car manufacturers and governments bother? they're making so much money from fossil fuelled vehicles, all they're concerned with is money and it's disgusting.

  2. Where i live we have coal power stations, to charge and electric car on coal power produces about the same co2 as a toyota Camry uses on petrol. Add the co2 cost of making and replacing the batteries I'm not sure buying and electric car on environmental grounds really works.

  3. Has someone just got their quarterly electric bill.:) It's like cars that ran on gas ,the gas was cheaper than petrol then once you paid  a fortune for the conversion the government hiked the prices ,now gas cars are a thing of the past.

  4. Unless you have a dedicated place at home or work to charge your car, something akin to this would probably be your only option. Imagine the other problems you'd encounter living in London or Manhattan. Feasibility is feasibility. Just to set the record straight, if I lived in either said city, I wouldn't own a car, much less an electric one. (Is the previous sentence punctually correct?)

  5. Hi Bob! I just recently got an ESB charge point installed at my home! very unperfeccional, they drilled through my main water pipe and my kitchen was flooded! They aren't taking responsibility to it so do you think I should make a complaint??

  6. Well said Bob – did you ever get a response from ESB on this one? Also, the way ESB are divided up, ESB Networks are obliged to supply the infrastructure to ANY third party operator, be it Electric Ireland (ESB of old), Airtricity etc. It's a good opportunity perhaps for a privateer start-up…

  7. UK/ someone once said build it and they will come ,some else said and some came running ,
    Ecoelectric has stopped all free charging it now cost you £6+ , Npower has just put their price up by 10 % , Scotish & southern just put their price up by a whopping 11% , a bloke who has a tessla for a 2 day trail got a shock when he used a street charger it came to £18 , its cheaper to charge it at home if you change your tariff over to econmy 7 thats true but then the rest of the electric you use to run the home with costs you the top rate so your fked there , some people seem to think that there are freee charging points all over the country all you need are some apps and some maps ,you got plenty of time to keep eating doughnuts and drinking coffee at £2,50 + a cup, these charge points are hard business they get green grants and tax concessions and take the money thats why everybody and his dog has got one ,

    You got paid presenters on the tube telling people your farting trees driving down the road with a Nissan leaf but they dont tell you the pitfalls and if like me you do point them out you get a half a page of insults ranging from your inteligence or lack of it ,your lack of schooling , because these clever cunts went to university and aquired linquistic tallents
    With which they are going to tear you to pieces with impress the readers they also get a good living from every green chanel they can get onto and get paid to host talks about being green which is what they think what is most people ,one of these twats has started putting this is not a paid for presentation in small print on his chanels ,

    Councils in London have been loosing revenue because EV get free parking ect so they just put £96 on top of residents parking permits ,

    If you cau buy a cheap EV even one like a leaf with 3 bars missing that does appx 50 miles and then get your electric free its a good deal providing you dont intend to go to far ,

    Another aspect of owning one is if you just bought a new battery for it or had a recondition one fitted and then just had an accident the car is the property of the insurance company and if you bought it cheap they will only give you what they think the market value is ,you aint going to get the battery back thats going to be bought by the boys that have a back yard battery reconditioning thing going on !

    When the market share goes up and more people buy them the lose in tax both direct and indirect to the government will have to come from somewhere either more cuts to everything or no more free perks for EV owners or both !

  8. The UK government made a start with the rake the loses back in take a look at the new VED rates [ road tax ect ] for vehicles purchased on 2017 upwards thats just another rip off !

  9. I really enjoy all of your reviews. I like the fact that you aren't tied to anyone or anything which makes your reviews impartial and your true thoughts. Please continue to do them…… As a side note, what camera do you use for the reviews ( the quality is fantastic and sharp ). Thanks again.

  10. I think I read somewhere that Tesla were putting in some SuperChargers in Ireland. It maybe time to consider a Tesla Model 3 but I can't see them arriving in right hand drive Ireland before early 2019 or an unlikely late 2018.

  11. Hi Bob. I'd suggest removing this video in case anybody thinks it's true and decides against buying an EV, thinking they'll have to pay for electricity or parking.

  12. Have you heard anything on what they are actually going to do? Free forever isn't sustainable obviously, but their pricing policy last time was punishing.

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