Car Rides: The hybrid BMW 530e M sport review 2017

Car Rides: The hybrid BMW 530e M sport review 2017

Car Ride:The hybrid BMW 530e M sport review 2017

The BMW 5 series has been overhauled and here’s a look at the hybrid M version. Music rights fixed in this version.

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17 Replies to “Car Rides: The hybrid BMW 530e M sport review 2017”

  1. Hi Bob,

    How long did the 530e take to charge from empty?
    Also I am trying to establish if driven in EV mode until empty, how much is this effectively costing in pence per mile having taken your electricity costs into consideration?

    Thank you.

  2. Thanks Bob. Great review as always. Very impressed by that car, ill never be able to afford one. I assume it drives alot better then a the Lexus GS Hybrid.
    Also please tell us what you really think of the Facebook fellas!!

  3. Denmark 0 – Ireland 0


    Germany 5

    Btw the (list) price of this car in Denmark is 762.195 DKK or 100.000 euro (not the M version and with no extras ticked)

    Which is actually cheap by danish standards

  4. I'm glad you stopped reviewing diesel cars. Why are irish Nd British people obsessed with diesel cars is beyond me! Glad companies will stop producing them soon so harmful for emission Nd environment

  5. Great review Bob, drone shots are really working! Curious to know how it feels compared to the standard car in terms of weight, since its about 800kg heavier. Did you notice a big difference?

  6. Is this just another new car review channel with an Irish view point, a few 2nd hand cars would be nice, older models. I will never buy a new car because of the depreciation in the first 2-3 years and also for financial reasons. I think you used to review older cars when I followed you first.

  7. Interesting review Bob. Electric range seems way too low. I think cars should stand on their own merits and not depend on BIK justification.
    I loved Beemers until I owned a 2015 520 myself – which I hated. Just proves that you can love a marque but want others to own it.

  8. Had the X5 PHEV, definitely would be better off with a pure petrol (would be lighter) or pure EV (would have more range and punch)…
    Unless you do a lot of short city drives, which X5 and 5-Series are not the best vehicle for.

  9. Bob, are you sure about the 0% BIK on hybrid? I think this just applies to full electric. It has also been confirmed recently that this BIK incentive will run for 3-5 years.

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