Car Rides: The Kia Optima SW 2016 review

Car Rides: The Kia Optima SW 2016 review

Car Ride:The Kia Optima SW 2016 review

Is the SW version the best looking car on the market today? I check this out and drive around Tullamore in Co. Offaly, Ireland

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21 Replies to “Car Rides: The Kia Optima SW 2016 review”

  1. Hi Bob, really enjoy your videos. You seem to automatically pick up on and highlight the things about cars that I imagine are important to most of us. You also cover a wide range of vehicles, something for everyone I suspect!
    Cheers man, keep up the good work.

  2. Bob, I like you're sort of rambling style of reviewing but please include more in dept analysis. Were the larger than usual tyres a problem with comfort?how was the infotainment system and SAT nav ? was the level of kit better than a similar priced Mondeo or i40?

  3. Great review Bob, always enjoy your good honest reviews. It would be nice if you could have a drive around the Westport and Castlebar areas would bring back a few nice memories for me!

  4. I can never get the mpg in a petrol car than what i get in a diesel even in stop and go city traffic…..I'm talking about a new diesel engine…not a diesel engine from 10 years ago….plus diesel is cheaper than petrol in Sweden

  5. Diesel still emits less co2 and thus the simplistic Irish (and other EU zone) tax laws favour diesel. cheaper fuel also helps sway as everyone over estimates their mileage and future mileage in their new car..We now know actual diesel emissions even with adblue exhaust treatment are way over the test results. Petrol engines are getting lighter (Ford ecoboost 3cyl) whereas work on modern diesel's are to make is less truck noisy, rough and disposed to not failing in urban driving. Note not many hybrids/phev are allowed to tow…. If you are towing, 4WD would be a better choice

  6. Great review , in Portugal only German cars are considered great, but there are alternatives. I would like to see more interior images of the back seat space.

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