Car Rides: The new Audi A4 International launch

Car Rides: The new Audi A4 International launch

Car Ride:The new Audi A4 International launch

Audi have refreshed the A4, A4 Avant, A4 Allroad and S4 with a new engine line up and a host of other changes. Bob went along to the international launch to see what’s what.

Filmed on location around Lisbon, Portugal. With thanks to all the guys at Audi Ireland and Audi AG for all the help.

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36 Replies to “Car Rides: The new Audi A4 International launch”

  1. I've owned a lot of Audis. The latest being the indestructible A6. I've had an A4 beforehand and I must say it set the standard. I've driven a 2010 BMW alongside the 2010 A4 and my preference was the A4. I then drove my brother in laws Mercedes C Class, and though Comfortable, the interior felt cheaper..I think Audis are under rated by biased journalists in general which is entirely subjective, but Bob tells it like it is. They are smooth, luxurious, sporty, yet beautifully built.

  2. No need to worry, that's what I'm here for!
    In terms of space there's no big differences between Avant and Allroad. The main advantage to Allroad is that it can lift up to a high driving position for deep water or light off-roading.They do look different, that body kit and air suspension makes the Allroad more desirable to me.
    Similarly specified A6 Avant or Allroad I'd have the latter because it's basically the same car but I could cross a plowed field in it.

  3. Hi Bob!Apologies that i'm keep on on bothering u with my question but can't decide which car type i sholud choose the avant or allroad?Advantages,disadvantages most probably u get this a lot,which one would u choose?

  4. @kennyshane84 You might be right, I even looked at the raw footage of the car passing, which is nearly the same length clip, it does look like an A6. Hard to remember what cars where there, well spotted!

  5. @Smokerspack I think you need to look more carefully. i know they look really alike. but at 1:43. it's definitely an A6 avant. the headlamps of the A4 does not have a kink on the glass… the A6 has that. In addition, the LED daytime running lights at the front are shaped differently. A6's one is a single line that looks like eyeliner, while the A4 loops back.

  6. @9NiftyNinja6 Ohh hours of listening to a huge amount of music. Sometimes I film with a song in my head and other times I make the video and find some music to suit the mood. I'd listen to anything, even home made music, if it feels right I use it.

  7. @speedmaster10 The most asked question on my videos! It's Broken Social Scene, Shorelines. If you like it check out the rest of their stuff like Lovers Spit, it's all good

  8. @vandreadparty You're right, the 3 Series has been the favorite for a good many years but in Ireland they are neck and neck on sales and now with this new A4 the market is really opening up. I think the A4 has the edge.

  9. @ruairi50 I own a 2006 SEAT Leon petrol that has never given me a days trouble but I own some other classics that I need to attend to over the Christmas.
    Thanks for watching

  10. @luladavid Thank you very much, it's nice to know that a little car show that's made in Ireland can influence someone in Brazil to buy a car. I'm sure you'll have many years of happy motoring with the Fluence, it's a great car.
    BTW I'm a TopGear fan too!

  11. @manuelsrico Thanks very much Manuel, I'm glad you like the reviews. Have you been looking at my calendar?
    This week I am driving an Audi Q3 with a 2ltr Diesel, Quattro and DSG with winter tyres on, filming it tomorrow and the video will be up before Christmas.

  12. I really like your reviews, Bob. In fact I based my car choice on your Renault Fluence review, and I must say that I don't regret it in any possible way. Yours and Matt from CarBuyer, are the best reviews out there. I really like Top Gear, like every body, but I would never choose a car from Clarksons tips. Many thanks from Brasil.

  13. Great overview of the new A4, I've loved Audi for years and it makes me infuriated that I can't go 10 minutes without seeing a 3 series while Audi has been bring out such great cars and barely anyone is buying them in my country. If I had the money i'd buy the A4 sedan in a heart beat.

  14. @loster88 What I got to see of Portugal was lovely. I stopped into a local cafe and had a lovely Coffee for 65 cent, all the locals were really friendly and the staff at the hotel were superb.
    I'll be back again next year.
    You're right, Audi make a far better manual box than BMW 🙂

  15. You see I really liked this review, and I really enjoyed what you said about the automatic gearbox vs manual it was really spontaneous and funny :D. Is the same thing with the 3 vs 5 series… but there's a but, I think that the manual box's coming from bmw are not as good as the ones from audi. Is just my opinion.

    So what are your thoughts about Portugal? Did you enjoy being here?

  16. @seauryakumar In my mind there are only two runners, the Audi A4 and the new 3 Series. The C Class looks stunning but the drive is all wrong. The A4 Quattro just nudges the 3 series and the S4 kills all that it sees.

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