Car Rides: The new Fiat Tipo first drive

Car Rides: The new Fiat Tipo first drive

Car Ride:The new Fiat Tipo first drive

The Tipo is a name I haven’t heard in a long time, I had to go to Turin to find out what the all new Tipo is really like.

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27 Replies to “Car Rides: The new Fiat Tipo first drive”

  1. Nice machine. Smart looking and a budget price…well in the UK & Europe anyway. Of course in Ireland we have to suffer on with inferior spec and ridiculous prices due to our VRT. Is this ever going to be scrapped, because it's just silly at this stage. But hey we're Irish and we just put up with it. Why aren't he Motor industry kicking and screaming about VRT and VAT.

  2. OMG. IE prices are terrible. Polish price (with taxes) starts at 9660 EUR (42600 PLN). Importer expected sales for 2016 of 1500 copies of sedan. 1250 were purchased till end of April. Fiat has made a really good car for the money and except the base variants (black plastic handles and mirrors) it doesn't by any means look cheap.

  3. I´m pretty sure Denmark will take topplace in the category of taxes. That car will start at about 225000 DKR, or about 22000 £ or 30000 euros.. That´s insane….:-)

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