Car Rides: The new Kia Ceed international launch

Car Rides: The new Kia Ceed international launch

Car Ride:The new Kia Ceed international launch

Not to spoil you too much but here’s another video this weekend, in 1080p too!

The new Kia Cee’d launched in Spain this week and here’s what Bob thought about it.
*Note, we lost some footage of the interior so when there’s a full test in Ireland we’ll make up for it.

Shot on location in Spain.

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27 Replies to “Car Rides: The new Kia Ceed international launch”

  1. Sorry, this comment was spam for some reason so I didn't see it until now. Wind and noise are good, it's never going to be as quiet as a Golf but it's comparable to the C4.

  2. It's an international launch, that means at best I get 2 hours with the car. I work alone so in that 2 hours I have to learn all about the car, set up for filming, film it and return alive! The full review videos go into more detail but quiet honestly, I don't make the kind of videos you might be looking for. I leave those videos to the boring people 😀

  3. Thanks very much!
    Yes, there will be a full Irish test coming in the next few weeks. The cars have just landed so I should be driving it mid July.

  4. Keep up the good work Bob! Just wondering, do you think you will get another chance to look at this? Like you do with many other reviews where you have the car for a certain period of time?

  5. Everyone bangs on about Kia and Hyundai catching up so fast. But they've done this by virtually copying every rivals styling, pricing etc with tracing paper it seems. There was as time when you bought a Kia because it was a new car for not a lot of cash. I bet the mainstream car makers weren't prepared for their comeback, and what can they do now to win back customers? Badge loyalty no longer exists. Competition is fierce these days.

  6. Yea 2008 Picanto, literally had a problem with every part of the car! still think that if you have a decent budget you should buy a european car, americans and asians are still not up to par with their car manufacturing structure. Particularly in interior design, but that's really subjective, I do like this new Ceed looks pretty wicked

  7. Thank you, I was hoping for something more special too but to be honest I didn't notice the 100 come around. I'll do some kind of special as soon as I can.

  8. Most of the cars in the segment look a bit like one another, I was thinking Astra myself. Must have been an old Picanto, the new ones are having no trouble

  9. I think it's a good car, actually it might be the best in the segment. I'm just not sure how it moves the Cee'd car along. It seems more of a face lift but I'll reserve full judgement for a longer test drive.

  10. the side of this car reminds me soooo much of the new Ford Fiesta, that acute angle on the back of the side glass. Seems like a good car, but I would have to drive it myself since I am always wary of Asian cars, especially korean ones, my cousin bought a Kia Picanto and it was an absolute nightmare… horrible little car that one.

  11. Nice…. 100 video. I hoped it will be some Ferrari or Lambo, but I guess Kia is ok too 😀 On more serious note, I think Kia/Hyundai lost their ''best value for the money'' with the launch of new CeeD, i30 and i40. They are not as afordable as the first models, they are similar priced as Astra, Focus here in Slovenia. But that's ok I think, since they got much better in mechanics and design. Shapes like this doesn't come for free 🙂

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