Car Rides: The new Mazda 5

Car Rides: The new Mazda 5

Car Ride:The new Mazda 5

A little late but here now, Bob get’s to drive the Mazda 5 sport. Is it the best value MPV on the market in Ireland?
Watch this and find out

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  1. My Mazda 5 likes me ever time I start it up buy saying HELLO. I have a 2007 Mazda 5 i bought used from second owner and love it. it's sporty and versatile for my needs. seems faster than my 1993 Escort that died and this replaced it. Have filling I'm gonna get another speeding ticket in this as it moves even when I don't really try to get it moving fast off the line. gonna keep it hopefully till I crook 50 years from now. love it.

  2. I've been driving one for some 7 years now or so. The car enjoys me every single day. It drives well, it looks well, it fits a lot of stuff. Boy, I've transported a lot of people and stuff in it.
    Honestly, I can't figure out what car to buy next. Pity Mazda doesn't make 5 any more. I think I'll buy some driven one after I'll wear out my current one.

  3. The reason car manufacturers put sunglass holder is so that the lens wont act as a magnifying glass n burn dash ..etc in bright sunlight.
    Good honest review though. Thumbs up

  4. Lovely review, and it helped me make up my own mind about what to get. I just picked up one like this back in the states – the same 6 speed manual, but we only got it with a relatively torquey 2.5 liter petrol. It's a nice fit for the car and solves the overtaking problem well! Sadly the economy isn't wonderful, but fuel is cheap here so it stings less.

    There is literally no other vehicle in this class here, which baffles me. The Mazda 5 left the American market a year ago and the only van-like vehicles are absolutely enormous – close to a meter longer than the 5, and the other choice for a large family car are SUVs with poor space efficiency. This was also the last 3-row vehicle you could get in the states with a standard transmission.

    Wonderful review! It really helped me.

  5. Just bought one of these myself and I agree with everything you've said. It's a brilliant car. So useful, yet fun to drive. I keep trying to find where the compromise is and I haven't yet. I'm in the U.S. too and here we get a 2.5 liter petrol engine with 160 hp, so there's no shortage of passing power, it moves out quite smartly. Sadly it seems that Mazda is discontinuing this car. Very sad. I hope they will reconsider because they are expecting everyone to settle for the sexier, but far less useful CX-5 SUV. I test drove one, and it doesn't handle nearly as well, it's not as comfortable, it's just not as good of a car as the 5 at all. At any rate, if anyone is undecided, I suggest you have a look at the 5. After 4 months of car hunting, I fell in love with this car after the first test drive and signed the check to buy it after the second one. 

  6. Great review Bob. My kids and I love this video. We have watched it multiple times and laugh every time. Your approach is honest and humourous at the same time. Your video finalized our decision on buying our 2012 Mazda 5. In Canada, the top loaded GT (Luxury Package) model does not have the electric doors nor the most important SunGlasses holder!!! My five year old reminds me every day!! Anyway, you are the best Auto Journalist I have seen yet 🙂 I love Ireland. My grandfather was from Cork and moved to Canada with his parents in 1912 at age 10. I visited in 1999 and can't wait to take my kids when they are a bit older. Take Care and thanks again for helping us decide on this car.

  7. I'm considering buying a Mazda 5 and been doing all the reviews on youtube; yours is by far the most useful. I think at the conclusion, you said Mazda 6 though!! I love the sunglasses compartment as well.

  8. enjoyed the review. I love the sunglass top compartment as well…the mazda 5 sport model I tried out here in US doesn't have it..bummer.

  9. Mazda really should have added the power door option for the U.S. model. This is one of the deal breaker option that could sell more 5's here in the states.. just my two cents. Other than that, I love my Mazda5 in GT trim. One of the more practical car that's also fun to drive as well.

  10. I got mine this Wednesday, 1.6L 115HP Diesel, and i dare say, that car shifts and it sure doesn't take ages to overtake!! Gave it a proper try this morning on a 2 lane country road and on the motorway after seeing this vid. I had a Renault Laguna break 2L petrol before this one, and i dare say, my Mazda5 1.6Ldiesel is easily as fast in overtaking. And It's one of those cars you get in to, start driving, and you just feel the urge to keep going, and going, and going, and…….. LOVE IT!!!

  11. @donnchadh71 Good to know you've picked a car from one we like. The Mazda 6 is a great car and one I'd buy in the same spec you got. The Mazda 5 isn't to everyone's taste in the looks department but it makes up for it by being great at everything else

  12. Certainly ticks all the right boxes in the driving and practicality stakes but my god, the Mazda5 really was beaten with the ugly stick. As I don’t have a big family, I recently bought the Mazda6 2.2 Sport SE (Partially based on your review of it) and I can tell you is, I’ve absolutely no regrets as it’s a bloody smashin car!

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