Car Rides: The new Mazda 6 International launch

Car Rides: The new Mazda 6 International launch

Car Ride:The new Mazda 6 International launch

The all new Mazda 6 tested in Lisbon. Bob takes to the roads to give us the low down on what it’s like. We also get to hear what Kodo is from none other than Peter Birtwhistle, Chief Designer for Mazda Eurpoe

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39 Replies to “Car Rides: The new Mazda 6 International launch”

  1. Hi Bob, really stuck between a Mazda 6 2.2 (2013) or a BMW 520d (2011), we couldn't care less for the badge. Should we go for more refinement and comfort of the 520 or the efficiency and back legroom of Mazda (and of course we think the Mazda is the better looking one). Any word of wisdom would be much appreciated 🙂

  2. Fab looking car & great design & Engines..Yes Mazda do have a rust problem Ive an 08 & have had to get the roof resprayed due to bubbling rust Rear Wheel arches are a problem area to..New model abso grossly over priced €31k ~€40k Eh?? Where are they going?? Not far off  BMW MERC Jag prices & at the end of the day Its just a mazda

  3. Bob great video, I currently own a 60 plate Mondeo estate I've had it from new it's a zetec trim with 125bhp I'm due to test drive a mazda se 2.0 petrol one tomorrow do you think it is worth the switch from ford to mazda and and will I notice a power difference in the mazda as it's 145bhp I would go for another Mondeo but everything on the 6 is a extra on Mondeo and the looks on the 6 is awesome, many thanks any advice would be great:)

  4. We don't drive on the wrong side of the road here in Portugal, we drive on the RIGHT side. You lot drive on the LEFT.

    Crap jokes aside, will there be a full review of the Mazda 6?

  5. All three are just as good as each other, the A3 just slightly edges it in the materials used but you'll struggle to find any difference in quality fit and finish. The Mazda 6 is much bigger than the A3 or Golf though, saloon or estate only.

  6. I now have a 2006 Mazda6, 2 litre petrol. Nice car which has a good chassis, good steering feel and a refined engine. Road noise is a bit excessive and build quality feels 'light,' although body shut lines are excellent. What it also has is rust, particularly around the rear wheel arches. My wife's 2003 Fiat Stilo 3-dr has no visible rust. It seems Mazda had an endemic rust problem affecting the 3, 6 and MX5 models. Not sure about the latest models, but surprising and disappointing nonetheless.

  7. My view on this car is looks great interior is a bit bland cheap and wont age well engine and skyactive tech is great pitty it isnt in a volkswagen or anything but a mazda they are very well built but theres just an air of cheepness to it id pay the extra for the german build quality of a passat or superb

  8. Hi Graeme, There's some size difference between the two. The Superb is bigger overall, it has more room in the back seat but the boot space would be about the same. The Mazda 6 is a better drive and you can have the 2.2 diesel for handy motorway cruiser that'll be easy on the pocket.
    Overall I'd take the Mazda 6, more toys, bigger engine and better to drive. That said, I haven't driven it in Ireland yet

  9. The launch was Monday and Tuesday this week, it wasn't an island but we did get there by boat and drove back. It's a spit of land with a Hotel and Casio on it, nice hotel but we were the only people for miles!

  10. That's why I shy away from too much voice over music but I needed it in this one because there's a lot to explain.
    In Ireland the price of the 6 is good compared to a Passat Highline, you'd have to get a top spec Passat to equal all the kit in the Mazda.

  11. We have a messed up tax system when it comes to cars, there's VRT and VAT applied to cars here so double tax just for buying it. it's reasonably priced compared to the competition

  12. Loving the new start to the start & end of show. Good stuff on the Mazda, look forward to the full review soon . Keep up the good wok guys . D

  13. Wow, you guys really pay through the nose for your cars. Is the price you quoted including VAT? Prices in Canada are always quoted less tax as tax varies from province to province. This car thank God will be sold eventually as a diesel in Canada where our diesel is priced the same as regular gas (petrol). The Yanks really don't go for the diesels as their diesel fuel is priced the same as premium fuel. Keep up the good work Bob. By the way you were driving on the right side.

  14. nice car but bit pracey. u have so many good saloons this days for much less money. I realize that mazda aims at premium market but… pff. still to pricey.

    cool review Sir but can u not fall in to the fasion of putting to much music in the clips ? its too loud sometimes and i cant hear u and have to turn up the volume which is getting a bit uncomfortable. thx for the review !

  15. Nice Mazda !

    Island? Where? LOL what do you mean?
    Was the launch recently? You got luck with the weather.. today in Lisbon was very cold and raining…

  16. they're just rebadged modeo's from what i know.
    fords are all alu as far as i know and only rot on the trailing edges of the wheel-arches where the salt can get to them

  17. Hi Bob, I currently drive a Skoda Superb Estate as my company car and I'm due to change in May this year. I was going to just go same again but I'm very interested in the new Mazda 6 Tourer. I waiting on a test drive but just wondered on your comments between the two? I'm in Ireland by the way. Thank you Graeme

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