Car Rides: The new Mercedes A Class quick test

Car Rides: The new Mercedes A Class quick test

Car Ride:The new Mercedes A Class quick test

The national launch of the A Class has happened so I brought my camera and took a drive. Full review coming in early January

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40 Replies to “Car Rides: The new Mercedes A Class quick test”

  1. cheap materials throughout. Plus it seems that you either get body roll or uncomfortably sharp suspension. I would still prefer an A250 4matic with manual……don't like the DCT.

  2. I don't like the screen. It's small and looks cheap like a portable attachment. I'd rather it be a big screen in the center console. Not refined enough for MB.

  3. Hallo people. Finaly y see a french heart in the most glamuros german car. Who sad the french motor and car makers are bad? And car maker like nissan put this motor 1.5 diesel in a lot of his models. A and now y remember that this engine you finded also in all models of romanian carmaker dacia. Who sad the dacia is bad if she had the same heart like mercedes and nissan and forshore renault. Y like to see the faces of the snobs hoo not buy this car because had the same engine like the dacia!!!

  4. Mercedes have been waiting in the long grass with the current model line up. They might be just about to pull down on the Audi brand. I'll know more in January when I have it on a full test

  5. 7 speed auto Bob! Nice clip, wait for longer test drive for your full verdict!
    wasnt too keen on the interior from what i saw in the clip but maybe its better in the flesh, certainly aint no Golf-7 doh!

  6. Nice review mate, although the car is questionable, from my dad's past and current experience with 190E(which was unreliable) and current 2010 B class, which is unrefined and noisy, doesn't exactly make it a comfortable car or sporty, so personally, I'd go for an A3 or the Nation's favourite, Golf xD

  7. That would make a good back to back test, not a fair one but a good one. I'd want the Leon, I'd like the A3 Sportback, I'd desire the A Class with AMG body kit, I'd buy a Golf…hope that helps you

  8. Of course, you could never compare the Germans and Koreans but just from looking at adverts of the tele I saw a little bit of Kia in it. Any ecoboost reviews coming up ? 🙂

  9. I got a lot longer with the A3, 48 hours compared to 1 hour with the A Class. I'll have to see what it's like on the full test. I'll have it the first week in Jan.

  10. Good point but, the A Class is in the same segment as the A3 and 1 Series, while there are some cross overs from Golf it's not (quite) in the luxury segment just yet.

  11. It's very easy to go down the route of kicking a car, a person with no brain can find something wrong with a car. It's harder to find a balance between what's good and what's not so good. The worst kind of critic is someone who only sees the bad stuff, finding the balance is the most important.
    Yes, there are cars that I've been critical of including the B Class. Everyone takes something different from the reviews.

  12. It's not bad by Irish standards, it's around the same price as the A3 or 1 Series. We are just getting the 5 door A3 now, maybe 3 door doesn't sell in Canada?

  13. That price is very good when you compare it too the A3 or the 1 Series and keep the spec like for like. The A Class feels bigger than both of them.

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