Car Rides: The new Mondeo first drive Ireland

Car Rides: The new Mondeo first drive Ireland

Car Ride:The new Mondeo first drive Ireland

I haven’t had a full test of the new Mondeo yet but while you’re waiting to see that review here’s this one.
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24 Replies to “Car Rides: The new Mondeo first drive Ireland”

  1. Can someone tell me where is the aerial signal/frequency. I don't want to get radiated, getting brain tumor due to this radio antenna. I can see that it doesn't exist as it once was on the previous models such as, Mondeo Mk3. But, where is located the magnetic radio wave?

    Most of cars, almost all of them, have the antenna and aerial signal at the end of them, near the trunk. Mondeo or Focus until recently considered that is "very good" for the customers to have antenna just above the front passengers. Where is the antenna signal when it comes to MK4 (facelift) and MK5? Thank you!

  2. You should do a group test. Not just Mondeo vs Passat but other comparable cars. Would be very interesting to see which ones are better in your opinion.
    Anyway, great videos! Resubscribing to you again!!!

  3. So my question is Bob
    Now u ve driven both Mondeo and Passat,
    Which one isolates bumps from road better, at 
    Speeds less than 40 kmph
    Speeds between 40-80 kmph
    Speeds excess of 80 kmph
    I am from Asia and Mondeo has not been launched here yet, her the roads are like moon crater like, too busy and always wet and moist and crashy, so just need to kno which one cushions the passenger better and is the difference marginal or just so close to  be ignored

  4. Great to see you back on youtube bob. i cant get you on independent :). new Mondeo looks very nice but anothet Car stands in its way the Hyundai i40 mk2

  5. Great to see the videos back on the channel!  Much easier to access all your content in one place as its not always as obvious on the Indo site.  You're doing a great job since you started on the Indo by the way!

  6. Great to see another of your excellent review on this channel again, such a shame it stopped being updated like the old days. PS that revolving watermark is immensely annoying.

  7. Great to see your finally been allowed to doing what you do best, posting great reviews. But word to your new fecking bosses. For feck sake the constant revolving advert in the bottom right hand corner is a pain distraction that like a midge in the room.  Yes your working for a paper so get the advert in, but for feck sake just have a permit watermark on the videos.  Bob great to see you back and posting again, ps TOP GEAR needing a new host, I think your the man for the job.

  8. Thanks a lot Bob. I spit my DRINK out when you REFERENCED the Mondeo's front end to Clint Eastwood. Then I saw it hahaha. I just heard the Londoners do a review on this car and they said this generation Mondeo has lost it's drivability compared to previous model years. Do you suppose they were DRUNK?

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