Car Rides: The only Skoda Superb in the USA

Car Rides: The only Skoda Superb in the USA

Car Ride:The only Skoda Superb in the USA

He’s back! As promised a return to YouTube and what a return. Bob Flavin goes to America to drive a Skoda Superb, not just any Superb, the only one in the USA.
See what happens when he talks to the lovely people of Washington about the car.
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37 Replies to “Car Rides: The only Skoda Superb in the USA”

  1. I love my Superb. 2.0 TDI great power and even better MPG. Its a great motorway cruiser and also sticks to the road pretty well when you hit the country roads. Everyone that gets a lift in it always comments on how comfy it is. The leg room in the back is impressive along with a big boot. 76K miles and its never put a foot wrong. The only thing that I have noticed is parking in a uk car park its a big car so it takes up the full space. But that's how you get good inside space. The materials used inside all have a high quality feel. Well done VW for making the skoda a success story.

  2. VW is just afraid we (Czechs) will sell it better in there as we do in Europe. I bet current Superb would be the best seller in USA.

  3. I own a Skoda Superb, of the same generation, just the preface in base spec and the coupe instead 1.9TDi, very good on the fuel, comfortable, drives good, and most importantly. It's amazing in winter conditions, for a fwd on Studless snowtires..

  4. Sadly, VW does not want their models to sell less than Seat and Škoda. So Seat and Škoda will never have better and more powerful engines and equipment than the VW or Audi.

  5. Well, I am from CZ, so here are some informations about this car, if you are interested.

    Basicaly, ALL cars from VW group are same. Different look, size, name but thats it. So if you drove Jetta, wich is popular in US, you have pretty much good idea about this car (actualy more like about Octavia, Superbs smaller brother, but its close). It is far from beamers, mercs and anything from premium sector, but it is well made and relatively comfortable, especialy for its price. Those tiny 1.4TSI engines are 1.4L Turbocharged, it is doing 110kW (150hp), dying pretty soon because VW cant develop good engine even after now almost 10 years of upgrades and reworks of critical parts, Skoda just mount engine to car so they can do nothing with it. That "all the way up to" 2.0TSI is again turbocharged, doing 220-280hp (few power variants). Again, dying pretty soon because exactly same problems like 1.4TSI. Interior is well made, i cant say anything bad about it, maybe again, IT LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING I HAVE SEEN BEFORE!

    If you are looking for some nice car for good money with some durability, keep searching. And dont buy VW, eventualy they will bankrupt and Skoda will be free again! Now check out what skoda was working on before russia striked our country. This should be contestor of Mercedes, BMW and everything. It had modular engine, from 1.3 up to 2.0L (75-130hp), it had EVERYTHING car can have in 1960s, it looked nice and everything. But after that commies came (basicaly no development at all), and VW after them (everything is developed elswhere and just mounted to cars).

  6. Right-handed drive and diesel engine? why?! Diesel is probably popular in Europe and Czech Republic, but in Czech Rep. is left-handed drive and in USA too. So why do you have right-handed drive in USA? VW said Skoda has no chance to be popular in USA and this will make it true…

  7. Well, I drove it skoda fabia 14 year ago in middle east, but here in USA they'll never succeed and people will never like it because Americans trust Japanese and Korean cars more than European cars. The only European cars ther love are Germans and Swedish cars, not even English cars.

  8. The Skoda is really high quality car brand, I am living in the Netherlands and have owned more than 5 In my life and all the cars pretty comfortable and super reliable, verry good cars thanks to the VAG group!!!

  9. Selling in America all depends upon marketing and price. Hyundai and KIA were totally unknown in the USA before they came here. When they did come they offered rubbish cars but overcame that by offering ten year warranties and truly improving their cars.

  10. cool video, I have new skoda octavia, and yes in Europe, great cars and good quality for good price, I was choosing between audi a3, golf 7 and skoda octavia, but price and quality of skoda wins

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