Car Rides: The Peugeot 3008 2017 car of the year review

Car Rides: The Peugeot 3008 2017 car of the year review

Car Ride:The Peugeot 3008 2017 car of the year review

I had to have a full drive of the new Peugeot 3008 as the 2017 model is all new and I really liked the outgoing model. Let’s hope Peugeot haven’t completely changed it for the worse.

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45 Replies to “Car Rides: The Peugeot 3008 2017 car of the year review”

  1. My second wife had a flat bottom and top. Like the Peug. Bob, don't mean to be too personal, but, I wonder if you shouldn't have a health examination in the near future.? Something is going on there.

  2. Wish I could get one, but they are hell expensive and surely these won't be losing value like older french cars used to now that they are reliable, well built and so beautifully gorgeous.

  3. what a load of bollox, nothing about the ride or how it drives,ie, is there much road noise, didnt compare engines, petrol v diesel & what about the trim levels, support ya whatever, not for me thank u, absolute horse shite of a review

  4. "Everything goes black…" You didn't touch the button that makes the screen go black for easy on eyes driving in the night? All new cars has lot's of software bugs but there are constant updates (Windows here we come!).

  5. This reporter looks like a hobo. No need for a suit, but this is awful. You can be full sport wear and still look decent. This is just plain "i don't give a f". Well so do I.

  6. What is the fuel consumption like in a 1.2 petrol engine, mile per gallon in the city is what i am interested in. i know what peugeot is saying but i want your numbers and maybe someone else too

  7. Bob you just said what I don't like about the skoda! "you can just drive off in the kodiaq and its the same as everything else!"… There's the problem the likes of skoda and seat are just the same copy and pasted vw products year in year out. its getting so repetitively boring and dull now. Thats why the 3008 wins for me and loads out there. Not to mention higher running and maintenance costs associated with vw products these days. hush hush on their diesel scam too.

  8. The car looks nice outside in white. I know a guy that bought one in gold and it is not nice at all. The steering wheel and touch pad protruding from the dash are both horrible.

  9. Pugs of old last a long long time. More than Škoda.
    6:30 onwards"…….Just jump into the Škoda drive off and you will not really worry about things because they are all the same as everything else". Next time please just say plain and simply boring.

  10. Looks Fantastic.Rear visibility,, engine noise, road noise, chassis, road holding, boot capacity, rear passengers,interior build quality, warranty etc.?
    Love the style of the review but all of the above would make it more complete I feel.

  11. Thanks for the good, honest review. I have had my 3008 Allure 1.2 turbo auto for one week and it is brilliant. The exterior panels fit nicely and the interior has a really good build quality. I chose cumulus grey (silver to you and me) and it looks the biz. I part exchanged my BMW 520d for the 3008 and, to be honest, I don't see a lot of difference in build quality, certainly not £12000.00 worth, which is the extra amount I paid for my BMW. That car was fully loaded with head up display, heated steering wheel, xenon lights which shone around corners etc., but I don't miss it. Ride quality on the 3008 is not quite as good but nevertheless is very comfortable. I don't have a problem with the top of the steering wheel masking the instrument binnacle as the steering wheel is fully adjustable. I have yet to try Apple car play, as I alway listen to DAB radio these days, but I will look out for the issue you highlighted. The 3008 has a cockpit/interior like no other and it sold the car for me. The 3 cylinder, 1.2 litre engine plus auto gearbox works better than I expected and will do for me. I have travelled nearly 400 miles on urban/country lane/main roads/motorways and averaging 44 mpg at the moment. I nearly bought a Seat Ateca but very pleased I chose the 3008 at the last minute.

  12. I think I'd have to errr towards the Kodiaq, but that's just a personal thing of having 2 kids, and 2 sets of stupid Golf clubs to haul around on holidays etc. For me, the boot space on the Peugeot is just too small in comparison to the Kodiaq to cope. But that's a very personal thing relevant to my family, and for many others, I can see why that isn't quite so important and that the Peugeots' boot would be plenty big enough. But for me and my Family, the Kodiaq wins all day long. Taking nothing away from the Peugeot though, it has that typically French flair to aspects of it's design which I do like…………it's just those damn Golf Clubs!!

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