Car Rides: The Problem with the Skoda Kodiaq Sportline

Car Rides: The Problem with the Skoda Kodiaq Sportline

Car Ride:The Problem with the Skoda Kodiaq Sportline

There’s a new Skoda Kodiaq and it revises most of the interior and exterior trim but there’s a problem.

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36 Replies to “Car Rides: The Problem with the Skoda Kodiaq Sportline”

  1. It is a good car, but this review is not very objective. It is not a true 7-seater, it is 5+2. One does not simply sit in the 3rd row when one is taller than 176 crm, for example.

  2. Have my 182 Kodiaq Ambition with the electric tailgate, the last three weeks and I absolutely love it. Joy to drive, comfortable, great lay out money well spent.

  3. just changed from a 161 toyota rav sport to the182 kodiaq sportline in the velvet red and the 20” alloys. i thought i had a good car until i got the kodiaq,looks,comfort and driving experience are so much better. well worth the bigger price tag.

  4. It's funny how skoda is not bad yet I wouldn't touch a vw with a 12 foot pole vws are shocking for there reliable cars last time they had a gd passet was bk in 04

  5. I love the superb sport line. (love the superb but it's abit old Manish), the sport line solves that.

    I also really like the kodiak, I think it's the best looking car in its class in normal teim, so add sport line trim, I can't see what could go wrong.

    My local dealer have a truck full of brand new pre registered kodiak for big money off them. Such a nice car. Had a few petrol vrs for £20k. Shame the messed up the front lights. One of reasons I picked the Leon FR ST over the Vrs.

  6. The Skoda kodiaq sportline reminds me of VWs R line or SEAT’s FR equivalent. Looks sporty, but is a similar car underneath. Had to look back at Bobs Peugeot 3008 review, I still feel it could sway a number of VW group customers towards it.

  7. I still think that the Superb has a better interior, better finished, on the Kodiaq back doors you can find hard plastic while on the Superb not (just as an example). But if someone needs a Skoda with 7 seats, this is it.

  8. I tried to buy one last May and my local dealer couldn’t get his hands on one for love nor money. He was blaming WLTP and saying that Skoda weren’t importing as of the cars as they didn’t know what was going to happen when it came into force.

    Now that I’m starting to understand what the WLTP is about, Skodas position makes no sense. Surely they should have been flogging them left/right/centre as the new tax regime will apply only to new cars?

  9. For family cars the Peugeots have microscopic glove boxes… You can just about fit a 1 litre bottle of water and then they're full. I visited my not-so-local dealer a few weeks ago and walked out in disgust. Don't their interior designers have children?

  10. Gutted it lost the award. Looks far better and nicer to drive than the 3008. Its tge sort of car where the Skoda we knew befire has grown out of Comic Relief into the Terminator. Its being taken far more seriously, except forvthat badge.

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