Car Rides: The Volkswagen Touareg is brilliant now where’s the Phaeton?

Car Rides: The Volkswagen Touareg is brilliant now where’s the Phaeton?

Car Ride:The Volkswagen Touareg is brilliant now where’s the Phaeton?

Volkswagen has just given us the new Touraeg and it really did get me wondering where the new Phaeton is and why I’m not driving one.

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36 Replies to “Car Rides: The Volkswagen Touareg is brilliant now where’s the Phaeton?”

  1. Hey Bob. Great video as always. Here's a question for you. If it was your money, would you buy the Skoda Kodiaq Sportline, or spend the extra on the Touraeg for the extra luxury, and lose the extra 2 seats ???

  2. what, they really engineered double clutch gearbox for a 2 ton suv with 3.5 ton towing limit?? jesus christ. hands down respect. youre right, Volkswagen is priming itself for a new Phaeton or something equally unsurpassable in current techonogical age. The last Phaeton was so no_compromise, bring_it_on that it took on not only current (at the time) but even next gen s-class and held its ground. Although the Phaeton is almost invisible even when you see it, sales beyond pathetic, it never took off.. there isnt a car guy/girl in the world that doesnt know about it. Probably one of the most respected cars ever made even without extreme "underdog" bonus points

  3. If VW made this … is it really in their interest to make a Phaeton? My guess is VW currently thinks with their big fat wallet. This will sell way better than Phaeton any day of the week. Even if some people like the Phaeton, people who buy such cars don't exactly subscribe to the concept of it. You don't want your six figure luxury yacht to be understated or subtle, do you … But let's hope 😉

  4. Fantastic review as always Bob! Definitely got a soft spot for these at the moment… Who needs a Range Rover when you can have one of these?

  5. Here is where your multi option comes into play. From the VW PL71 platform is this Touareg better value than, audi q7 & q8, porsche cayenne all made in Slovakia. Where you pay's your money & buy's your badge is the name of the game. As for performance Bob, well my 105 tdi Fabia combi can & does easily achieve 130 kph on the autoroute slip lanes in 3rd gear. OK these fat arsed gals are around the 2 tonne mark, but is it needed on the school / tesco / commute run ?

  6. I would go for the Touareg in the lower trim as it has a smaller touchscreen and physical buttons for the climate control so it easy to use while driving and not too dangerous.

  7. If this was available with a ev power train, it would be the best car vw could electrify forget the Id crossover this is the car I want vw to say anything you can do Tesla we can do better

  8. Great review Bob, strange comment to say you wouldn’t use features such as “snow mode” after the praise you gave to the Tiguan in the snow last winter. Keep up the great work sir.

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