Car Rides: Volkswagen Amarok 2017 lookaround

Car Rides: Volkswagen Amarok 2017 lookaround

Car Ride:Volkswagen Amarok 2017 lookaround

Volkswagen has put a 3ltr V6 into the Amarok and with some other visual changes, they are hoping to get a bigger market share in the retail market.
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11 Replies to “Car Rides: Volkswagen Amarok 2017 lookaround”

  1. Ford sells the ranger here. VW is going to sell North America only trucks. No diesels there at all. This pick up is a small truck in the US. Then there is mid and full size!

  2. Hilarious Bob… love the trade up on the horse's 🙂 Had one in South Africa in 4Motion DSG but with the 2 lt diesel and was such an amazing vehicle! This new 3 Litre diesel looks the business! Pitty I cannot buy one here in Ireland now due to Commercial issue which is so silly as double cab's back in SA are a very common site on the road. Thanks for the review's.

  3. I don't know what is the situation in Ireland, but in Greece a law was passed that said that if someone doesn't have agriculture as his main and only job, he can't buy any car above 2500 kilos. Because a lot of people, mainly in rural areas, had a small Field and then said that they work it, only Just to get a pick up with reduced price and reduced road tax (agricultural vehicle, not to be confused with agricultural machinery, like tractors) agricultural cars (trucks) get a flat 130€ road tax, a lot lower than if the cars where registered as normal private use cars (eg a 2000 Mitsubishi L200 pays road tax of 130€ as an agricultural vehicle, but would pay 815€ as a normal private use car)

  4. Looks the business alright!  I remember the last one you reviewed a few years back with no locking tailboard so this is definitely a more practical option.  Looks like it would be the most comfortable of the pickups on the market?

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