Car Rides: Volkswagen Polo review 2018

Car Rides: Volkswagen Polo review 2018

Car Ride:Volkswagen Polo review 2018

The Volkswagen Polo is back and it’s bigger than ever while still maintaining that first car feeling. Let me know what you think of the Polo in the comments below.

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29 Replies to “Car Rides: Volkswagen Polo review 2018”

  1. Great review Bob. How is the road noise at motorway speeds? Is it good for the class or does it take it to the next level? I'm looking for a properly quiet motorway cruiser that isn't E-Class money, haven't found anything decent yet that's cheapish (in Australia).

  2. Great review! Would you say that the TSI 95 hp version could make this car a good choice for a young adult who is going to travel ocasionally?

  3. I went for a test drive in one yesterday, the rear space is great for 2 but trying to get into the middle seat is difficult cause of the high tunnel. For small kids it’s fine but not adultsThe Seat Arona is the same.

  4. Hi Bob, apologies for being out of touch for so long but I’ve been out of action for a good while after breaking my back again! 11th fracture to date! Just needed to know does the Polo come in Automatic as I obviously use hand controls and is it worth it? I am about to trade in my 161 Prius Luxury and due to my injuries I only have just over 4,000kms on the clock – would you know what I should look for when selling it? Thinking of going smaller but do you think I should stay with Toyota Hybrid range but a smaller version? I had a Golf many years ago in comfortline and liked it but the Polo seems very attractive. With the maximum limit of €10,000 of Vat and VRT would you know the price of a car where I could maximize the relief I receive from Revenue? Your help is gratefully received in advance – keep up the brilliant work! Talk to you soon -oh, would you like me to put a link to your Subscription on my new website that’s undergoing a transformation at the moment – ignore the one that’s up at present – that was just a test site helping me get my head around working with WordPress? The sites address is – talk to you soon,

  5. After all this damn monkey business from VW, I won't look at any of their cars ever again. Does the diesel come with the cheat software already installed or do you have to pay extra to have it fitted?

  6. At 05:19 that all new polo manages to look like a 2013 Hyundai i30…..VW borefest yet again……..What lab was this polo tested in VW? I wouldnt help advertiise VW Bob and the awful awful going on's that VW are currently into.Whats the next shocker from VW???

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