Car Rides: Volkswagen T Roc review 2018 | Irish people try voice control

Car Rides: Volkswagen T Roc review 2018 | Irish people try voice control

Car Ride:Volkswagen T Roc review 2018 | Irish people try voice control

Volkswagen has launched the T-Roc in Ireland so I went along for the first drive of this new model.

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31 Replies to “Car Rides: Volkswagen T Roc review 2018 | Irish people try voice control”

  1. Great review Bob and very attractive car. Petrol may be back but this was "helped" by the VW emissions scandal and bad handling by VW, Governments and the media, which has lead to reduced diesel sales in the UK by around 25%. The big scandal is that Euro 6 compliant diesels are ultra clean but have been trashed in the wave of negativity. Meanwhile the trend for 3 cylinder engines is misguided, as they can produce more emissions at dual carriageway or motorway speeds, and its likely to be reversed. VW even increased the 1.4 petrol to 1.5 and Renault introduced a 1.2 turbo petrol over the 0.9 turbo.

  2. Good video and very informative, I’ve just purchased the SEL 1.5 Petrol Engine in WhiteSilver with two tone black roof. I’ve added on a panoramic sunroof, sports package, winter pack, flash red dashboard to bling interior up, 18inch Arlo Adamatium grey silver alloy wheels and a few other extras! I don’t get it until End of March or April but your video has made me feel quite excited. The 1.5 Petrol engine I found was lovely to drive, very soft, smooth, quiet and surprisingly punchy. Hurry up March April

  3. Good review Bob, the plastics are poor on the top of the dashboard and the top of the front doors, it creaks as you drive, yes you are right at the price something had to give, but I am surprised at VW dropping the ball on the build quality, the new polo has the soft touch plastic as with the Golf, it’s close cousin Audi Q2 has the same finish, Skoda’s also are better finished. I hope this not the future trend from VW. I hope the new T-Cross out next year has a better interior finish.

  4. Thanks Bob. Looks good, but VW interiors are all starting to look too samey. I well remember your Up review five years ago! It looked such fun. Said it before, but I actually bought one based on your views and never regretted it. You’re a sound man.

  5. Petrols back because "the cheating germans" Diesel emission scandal and the big move towards the up-coming horror story THE PLUG. Diesel engines wont go away , cant imagine battery powered juggernauts any time soon . VW golf is an icon , this Annie Oakley half-sister is a i-con.

  6. Nice video!
    They could have given adjustable seat belts.
    About Tiguan (even in R-line) I don't find it nicer than the Kodiaq, I guess each one his taste, and VW knows it.
    Did you stay on the clutch? (when the stop&start suggested not to ;))

  7. Really enjoyed this review and can't wait for more! Yesterday saw these for the first time and there was one blue like this and white. Really like the looks! Not a fan of this kinda blue, but on T-Roc is more beautiful than white

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