Car Rides: Volvo S90 interior lookaround

Car Rides: Volvo S90 interior lookaround

Car Ride:Volvo S90 interior lookaround

Day 3 with the Volvo S90 and here’s a look around the interior

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  1. People on Irish roads are going to die as a result of these touch screens. There's drivers out there who can barely drive a straight line as it is. Peugeot has the worst user interface with at least two known instances of vehicles leaving the road when the driver was trying to adjust the temperature.  Tactile touch controls should be a preference for vehicle climate, window demisters and other vehicle operations.

  2. There is a lot of bugs in this new Volvo S90/V90, it is a known fact (at least 30 of them!)! If you cannot stand bugs, wait at least half a year. I know one who already "gave up" and returned his Volvo to the dealer (after a "fight"). Luckily the police in many countries have bought these so Volvo has to get it's act together sooner than later.

  3. You needed those heated seats today! Having a screen that you have to take your eyes off the road is a bit ironic on a Volvo considering their emphasis on safety. Can you see a move back towards more traditional switchgear again?

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