Car Rides: Would you buy an Audi, BMW, Mercedes or a Ford?

Car Rides: Would you buy an Audi, BMW, Mercedes or a Ford?

Car Ride:Would you buy an Audi, BMW, Mercedes or a Ford?

The Ford Mondeo Vignale is here in Ireland and it’s the luxury end of the market. Can Ford really mix it with the big boys?

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44 Replies to “Car Rides: Would you buy an Audi, BMW, Mercedes or a Ford?”

  1. An Audi A4 would not be as nice as the Vignale no matter how you try to twist it.

    If you want a nicer car than the Vignale then you are going to need to pay for it and in Ireland that would easily cost 100,000 euros to better a Vignale.

    A bog standard Mercedes, Audi, BMW or Volvo is not going to be nicer than a Vignale for 50,000 euros. Not even close.

  2. I think you’d buy the vignale only if you are a hardcore Ford fan. Other than that, I really don’t see any reason to buy it, for the price of 50k it really is a rip-off; with 50k you can buy something better in every aspect: design, quality and performance.

  3. I just checked the DVLA website, at time of writing there are 1351 on UK roads for all versions of Mondeo vignale, that's not many. For me the choices would be Skoda Superb, Mazda 6, Volvo S60.

  4. For me I'd buy a Ford, but none of there current ones, focus Rs 2009,or back a bit to the escort cosworth. BMW I've had them and looked at them again recently but there nothing special especially when I find it hard to get a 530d f10. Mercedes yes, I'm also looking at the s class 2009plus.I don't want same old same old. Too many small cars for sale or bigger cars with tiny engines. Can't win in my quest to find a new car.

  5. Badge Snobbery is the thing here. I love value for money so which would I buy? The Vignale of course because you get a premium car for a lot less than a 3 series, A4 2wd or C Class. Its a fucking no brainer especially when you consider it is as good to drive.

  6. All the usual crap youtubers ask you to do lmao. I have owned a Ford a BMW and a Merc in the past. I also owned a Renault a Vauxhall and a Hyundai. This year I needed a bigger car for another baby on the way. Considered all the above but the Hyundai i40 1.7 CRDi Blue Drive Premium was way ahead of them all when I wanted bang for my buck, Don't see many others of them on the road which is great, I have all the trimmings of a luxury car with a 5 year warranty and only £30 TAX at almost half the price of a top spec BMW Merc or Audi big saloon.

  7. Right, well the car is quite stunning as far as i am concerned. However, not this type, Vignale. I'm referring to the Titanium. Vignale, from my point of view is too flashy, flamboyant, etc. Ford is forcing a bit itself with this model. Is just like I would try to make some special push ups along with Arnold Schwarzeneger.. it's pretty ridiciluos. For a Mercedes it's quite natural to be opulent but not for a car with Peugeout/Citroen engines. Champagne taste on beer budget. Honestly, it's beautifully made, rendering that certain feeling of security, comfort bla-bla but still.. the price will play against the manufacturer.

  8. Ford Mondeo Vignale 2.0 Duratorq 180 – £30,045
    Skoda Superb L&K 2.0TDI 190 – £30,940

    To be fair, neither car is a "Badge Snob" kind of car, but i would rather have the Superb than the Mondeo for the small difference in price

  9. As we all know most extras on cars mean zero at resale time. VW sells more passats with pitiful specs than say Ford would. Why? brand snobbery. It's like paying for leather in a corolla.

  10. Never buy a Ford. Only had one brand new and it spent more time on the back of a tow truck then on the road. They are right Ford stands for fu__ed or repaired daily.

  11. Ford use to produce executive class cars. GhiaX for example. So why not now. Times have changed and our ideas of what comes as standard equipment have moved on. Fords have moved on too. I expect the new Mondeo is about the same size as Granada GhiaX

  12. My dad just recently purchased a 2014 BMW F10 535d and its a bit of a rocket ship that scared the crap out of me. Only 2 weeks ago actually from Clonskeagh Motors near UCD

  13. I think Ford is trying to do here what VW are trying to do with the B8 Passat. Slowly make them compact exec cars rather than family cars. I'd like to think it's working. Gives people more choice if they want an inexpensive luxury car but aren't as bothered about the badge.

  14. I have just checked on the online irish Ford configurator. A mondeo titanium with the same drive train and equipment comes really close to the vignale in price.A similar Audi a4 would be around 14.000 euros more.That's a very big difference considering how close the new mondeo is in comfort and handling to the best on it's class. So if you are going for a well equiped powerful mondeo and you fancy the extra crome and interior details, it makes perfect sense.

  15. Ford have lost the plot. The Vignale will be a total flop and last only a few years. Who on earth would have this over a BMW or Audi for similar money, eh no thanks.

  16. I love the idea, but I have long realised that when it comes to taste I am far from 'normal. Trying to bring my friends around to Tom Waits and many other examples have confirmed that.

    What the whole Vignale thing will become is a glorious failure in the same vein as the Citroen C6 and Renault Avantime. In about 4-5 years when the depreciation chart looks like a rectal prolapse it'll be a great buy if you are looking for something good, cheap to run and always having people say "What the hell is that?"

  17. audi fanboy  here . only ford I've ever bought and owned was a transit . it's a pity ford couldn't improve the quality of their interiors to that of audi  other wise I might consider 1  after 13 years and 3 a4s and 1 q5 later.

  18. Audi.. Sporty, fast, great interior!
    Mercedes is just as nice but don't do very good sport models (excluding AMG as there a lot)
    The other brands to me are meh… Especially bmw.. There interiors look the same as 5 years ago..

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