Fast Cars: 2013 Dodge Dart GTS Tribute revealed Inside and Out

Fast Cars: 2013 Dodge Dart GTS Tribute revealed Inside and Out

Awesome fast car review: 2013 Dodge Dart GTS Tribute revealed Inside and Out

( ) The 2013 Dodge Dart GTS Tribute heralds back to the late 1960’s when Dodge built a limited edition Dart GTS muscle car. Today’s new 2013 Dodge Dart can be configured in thousands of different ways but you can also give it the sexy Mopar treatment which is highlighted in this modern remake of the old Dodge Dart GTS. Roman Mica recently had the chance to check out the 2013 Dodge Dart GTS Tribute with the Director of Dodge to see if the new car has the mojo to keep up with the old car. Check out this video as we reveal the 2013 Dodge Dart GTS inside and out.

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42 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2013 Dodge Dart GTS Tribute revealed Inside and Out”

  1. This is a good looking car, i want one with a manual as a daily driver. Its like buying a toy car, and making it a dream. I honestly like these, i just wish it would make a little more power, and have the abarth exhaust.

  2. It definitely pays homage to the classic American muscle… front wheel drive… 4 cylinder…. designed by italians… wait… how dare you taint the Dart name!

  3. the only place to find this stuff is on modern performance. I work for FCA and when I went to the parts department at my work to ask about said cosmetic parts they said 350 are on back order. SMH

  4. One thing Dodge should have done with this car and stuck to what the Original was a low end bang for your buck Muscle car with a v8 and v6 for those who want to save on gas and still have that muscle car look to it.But why a 4 banger Fart Dart?

  5. Dodge promised many things with this car and now I heard that there going to stop building it, so no scat pack as promised and no SRT version. Way to follow through Dodge you cheap pricks !!

  6. ok, how about a 2015 Corvette?? The point is, you can boost a 4 banger all you want, you'll never catch a V8. Anything that can be done to a 4 banger, a V8 can do. Displacement will always win the day. I love my 300 HP Ford Focus ST, I'm just realistic that it will never catch a V8. Besides, at some point adding too much HP to such a small platform will take the fun out of the car and make it virtually undriveable.

  7. Yet it was the aftermarket that came in and supported all us Dart owner with most of the stuff he's bragging about being available "soon"….lol….whatever.  It's the same reason why most of us are skeptical of the things you tell us, like for example, an SRT Dart w/ 300 hp and awd coming "soon".  Yeah, I'll believe that when I see it too.

  8. I own a Dodge, Dart and I only have a few complaints. Lane changes with the Dart can be tricks as the passenger side is one giant blind spot, On lefthand turns the big fat A pillar is another blind spot. The blind spot problem with the Dart could be partially addressed with larger convex mirrors.
    The big fancy brakes that Dodge always brags about have an uneven feel as if components are flexing, but otherwise seem to work fine. The auto pumping feature that dries your brakes anytime the wiper is activated is a nice safety feature.
    The 18" rims on the GT model along with the stiffer suspension make for a very rough ride. Although all the handling features have been tweaked the narrowness of the car limits its lateral stability.
    Overall I like my Dodge Dart, but it does serve as proof the cars are a series of compromises, and there is no such thing as the perfect car.

  9. I just got one and I love my car.  It growls nicely and the best part…  I blew a Chevy Cruze away like it was sitting still.  Hahahahaha..  Happy owner of a 2014 GT Dart.

  10. HAHAHA. I work at a Dodge Dealership and we still cant get this parts for the Darts, and this video is 2 years old. Sorry Dodge people, Mopar fell off customer service back in 2005!!

  11. WTF DODGE GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD AND TRY AGAIN!! The did the same with the charger it's a naon that's been stretched on all corners the did fine with the challenger. Shame on you the founders of dodge are turning in there graves

  12. bull-fucking-shit. I've been trying to get those parts for a year now and every time i go and ask they either have no idea what I'm talking about or they think I'm crazy. Dodge customer support has NEVER left with a sense of satisfaction

  13. That's a good looking Dodge Neon. I mean Dart. Did they think bringing back the Dart moniker would trick us into thinking that this isn't a new Dodge Neon?

  14. hood looks neat, but I wonder how hot it will make engine run? Rims are nice, I like them… yet, none of that, does a fast car make… and it's a dodge… so… I wouldn't bet on longevity… neat to see a review after about 100k miles…

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