Fast Cars: 2013 Dodge Durango vs Chevy Traverse Muddy Off-Road Mashup Review (Part 2)

Fast Cars: 2013 Dodge Durango vs Chevy Traverse Muddy Off-Road Mashup Review (Part 2)

Awesome fast car review: 2013 Dodge Durango vs Chevy Traverse Muddy Off-Road Mashup Review (Part 2)

( ) The 2013 Dodge Durango and Chevy Traverse are both three row family haulers that directly compete against each other in the market place. The Dodge Durango is a butch and brawny AWD Crossover based on a stretched Jeep Grand platform while the brand new Chevrolet Traverse is one of Chevy’s best selling family haulers. Both of these vehicles can be had with all-wheel-drive, but they are really not designed to go boulder bashing in the Colorado Mountains. Never-the-less, we wanted to find out how they do when the road gets rocky in this first part of another fun and informative TFLcar Mashup review. Check out Part 2 as we see how well the Chevy Traverse handles rough and muddy Colorado trails.

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43 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2013 Dodge Durango vs Chevy Traverse Muddy Off-Road Mashup Review (Part 2)”

  1. We took our FWD Traverse through farmland dirt roads (used by tractors and heavy pickups, lots of holes and bumps) to avoid hours of traffic after the highway was closed because of an accident, it was a very rough (and slow) ride but we made it through like champs. Not bad for a car built on an Epsilon-derived frame!

  2. Take the Traverse. The only thing the Durango has going is the V8 and even that is only coming into the fold if you buy it to tow. The rest of the Durango is junk. Don't believe me, go to the forums. They are plagued with reliability issues..

  3. Not sure why so many people are saying that they said it wasn't AWD. They said there is no button, meaning it's full-time automatic AWD. Then they said it's Front Wheel Drive-biased, meaning it's primarily FWD and then transfers power to the rear as needed. They also said the Durango was rear wheel drive-biased. It primarily uses RWD and transfers power to the front as needed. It's a difference, but they are both AWD. There you have it, folks.

  4. I'll take that feminine Traverse and save some masculine money on cost. I also doubt it'll shrink my dick but it could possibly have happened to one of them, lol.

  5. I own a 2012 Dodge Durango love it we regularly get 21.5 to 22 average mpg 3.6 v6 and still it will tow my race car it's rated to tow 7200 lbs. definetly  will buy another one

  6. Damn, these things cost $44k?!?! That seems like way too much, but what do I know… I do think it looks good, though. I can't figure out why Chevy doesn't put this grille (similar to the one on the Impala) on ALL OF their cars rather than the dumbass SSR-inspired one with the bowtie in a crossbar. That shit has been outdated for 10 years and ugly since before that.

  7. going off road makes no sence there is. my family has never relly driven off road apart for some snow because I live in nyc. fwd seems to be enough as my mom has a fwd car and my dad has 2rwd and 1fwd cars and they hook good without snow tyres I think awd just makes it worst it has 4wd that is just a big axle and a drive shat siting there that will probably never engage or need to be used. this adds hundreds of pounds to the car witch over a 5 year pireod that will probly cost you hundreds of money in gas

  8. I would like to find some videos like this of the older SUV/trucks! Maybe from 90-2005. If their ain't none it would be nice to have a used car/truck/SUV edition. If possible that is. On a side note does the Mountaineer have any off road ability.

  9. its nice to know that these American SUV's (and crossovers) can still do what we used to be great at, i have faith in American SUV's. It is also great to know that when it comes to the interior, America isn't slacking very much anymore.

  10. Traverse is way better! Although they should put the new 4.3L EcoTec3 V6 with Displacement on Demand, that would save a ton of gas (literally)! Chevrolet should have a trail package for the Equinox (Air Suspension, Off Road Tires, etc.)

  11. Depends on your needs. The seats and cargo space were better in the Traverse but the durango eats it on towing. 5200lbs for the Traverse verses 6200 with the v-6 and 7200 with the Hemi. Also the Traverse has limited anchors for child seats verses 5 in the durango with a center bench. Bought a v-6 on Monday for the wife, wanted the Hemi but I guess I don't have to fuel it up.

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