Fast Cars: 2013 Ford C-Max Energi 0-60 MPH Drive and Review

Fast Cars: 2013 Ford C-Max Energi 0-60 MPH Drive and Review

Awesome fast car review: 2013 Ford C-Max Energi 0-60 MPH Drive and Review

( ) The 2013 Ford C-Max Energi is a plug-in hybrid car that competes with other fuel efficient people movers like the Toyota Prius V. But unlike the Toyota Prius V the 2013 Ford C-Max Energi can drive up to 21 miles on electricity alone getting a EPA 100 MPGe when using both the electric motor and the gasoline engine. Using only the gasoline engine the EPA rates the 2013 Ford C-Max Energi at 43 MPG. In another fun and informative TFLcar video review we see not only find out how fast the 2013 Ford C-Max Energi will go from 0-60 MPH at a mile above sea level using both electricity and gasoline power, but we also find out that the car makes a perfect electric RC car support vehicle.

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40 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2013 Ford C-Max Energi 0-60 MPH Drive and Review”

  1. Purchased our New 2017 C-Max Energi in Feb 2017. We Purchased the bottom of the line model which still has a lot of great features (rear back up camera, hands free calling, etc). This price "includes" taxes and all rebates here in Livermore, California. The final cost was $18,500. Here is the breakdown: dealer price including tax was $24,500 – $1500 California rebate – $500 PG&E rebate (PG&E is our electric company) – $4000 Federal Rebate = $18,500 out the door price. Because it is electric it qualified for "car pool stickers." The plug-in part has a 7.5 kw battery so it can be charged using 110 volt in 4 hours. The battery will go between 18 to 23 miles per charge, then it goes to gas and hybrid mode so you never have a driving distance problem. If you did "not" plug it in you get an honest 42 miles to the gallon. But if you do plug in and average the two it jumps between 80 to 110 miles per gallon. It's more of a practical car than a sporty car. Seating for 5 is not a problem. It's also one of the few electric cars that can be towed on all 4 wheels behind a motorhome. As far as the trunk space in the back we thought that was going to be an issue, but the glass hatch in the back is so high up that grocery shopping has not been an issue. If you are for traveling, you can also put 4 carry on luggage pieces in the back with out a problem. The car cruises well at 70 mph. pretty quiet actually. So do your homework on this car, search for your best price, and see if this car works for you and your family.

  2. Nice review. I've been driving a 2014 Energi for 20 months and 22k miles. Love the car and I'm 6 foot 3 inches. Zero service except an oil change I did myself at 20k miles. Best MPG is 114 and 1575 miles range with a lot of charging and miles on EV. Btw, I live in Loveland and work in Longmont.

  3. I would have liked to see them do the 0-60 test in all electric mode. Unlike the Volt, this car doesn't have full power when put in all-electric. I'm willing to bet it would have been around 16 seconds.

  4. Actually.. that isn't the reason either. The REAL reason is because you can't add the power of the gas engine and the electric motor. After all, if the gas engine is at peak power, where is the power coming from for the electric motor? The battery. So the real answer is you have the peak battery power plus peak power on the engine. The reason the electric motor has more power than the battery can give is because sometimes power comes from the generator too.

  5. here is the thing about this comment, having 100, 000 subscribers, and having ford lend you a car, and spending money on cameras does not make you smarter. although doing research and knowing what you are talking about would.

  6. Screw the review…I love the Comment Cat-Fights! Without fail, somebody commenting gets butt-hurt, threats are made, phallic sizes compared, you name it, it’s here! Above all, these guys have earned their keep with me…and beyond…and this is why I’m a proud subscriber out of the 100,000! Thanx guys, keep up the outstanding effort!

  7. 8.77 seconds is actually quick for a plug-in hybrid in 1 mile above sea level. Vehicles with CVT, along with manual transmission, usually do better than most cars with a traditional automatic transmission.

  8. That's the thing about this comment…you seem so eager to prove how much smarter you are than us. So please prove it for real. Get yourself a youtube channel with 100,000 subscribers. Establish a relationship with Ford so they lend you a C-Max. Buy several cameras, learn how to edit on Final Cut and try to "babble" into the camera. And since this YouTube post the video and send us the link please. We're waiting…

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  10. Is Ford too dumb to place the batteries somewhere in the cars floor? How is anybody gonna take this hybrid serious? Look at Toyota, the Prius+ (or Prius v) does this job way better. I was done with the C-Max as soon as I saw the trunk.

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