Fast Cars: 2013 Ford C-Max Energi Plug-in Hybrid First Drive Review

Fast Cars: 2013 Ford C-Max Energi Plug-in Hybrid First Drive Review

Awesome fast car review: 2013 Ford C-Max Energi Plug-in Hybrid First Drive Review

( ) The 2013 Ford C-Max Energi Plug-in Hybrid is capable of — wait for it — 100 MPG-E or miles per gallon equivalent. If you top off the gas tank and the battery, you can get over 600 miles cruising range. Those are impressive numbers. It’s even more impressive when you consider that the electric only range is 21 miles. We tested the 2014 Ford C-Max Energi and found it to be basically the same vehicle as the regular C-Max with a little bit more heft and a lot of potential. From what we’ve seen so far, Toyota better upgrade their Prius Plug-in ASAP!

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  1. Yes. Chargers are universal by law. Read the forums. The guy from Ford said there are $500 chargers out there and you can install them yourself (better know what you are doing) or use any compatible charger. Ford picked a manufacturer and retailer to stage this so that people would not be lost as to how and what to do. That way when you look at the plug ins they have everything lined up for newbies with no know how on this tech.

  2. Ordered my C-Max Energi yesterday. Why… We have been downsizing and trying to be more green… rednecks. I'm trading my Ford Expedition in for it. This is the first hybrid that I was actually interested in. DH has the Fusion hybrid Not plug in. He gets 40 mpg and we live in the country driving 20 miles to the nearest large town. I like the fact that I can save my battery until I get into town driving, That's what kills my mileage so I'll use the electric then. I'll be on hybrid in between. 🙂

  3. It has a 2.0L Atkinson-cycle I-4 gas engine that makes141 hp and 129 lb.-ft. The rest of the power comes from the 7.6 kWh Lithium-ion battery for a grand total of 195 hp. Hope that helps and thanks for watching!

  4. I'll be watching this car with curiosity. It is like a compromise between a Volt and a Plug-in Prius. But the price is reasonable for what you get, especially after tax credit.

  5. Interesting car. Would have been nice with some information on the gas engine as well. Is it their 1.6L turbo? On a different note: I am looking forward to seeing cars like this with Ford's 1.0L 3 cylinder turbo and a hybrid system. I mean, it would be an obvious match 🙂

  6. 21 miles?! they really need to improve the mileage you would think with the volt and the leaf at about 50 miles the 2013 models would be improving instead there is less mileage plus the car is tiny, for those who watched the movie who killed the electric car these stats are disappointing.

  7. The aftermarket for them will be sick too. That engine has a great potential and just reducing the TQ management will make it a different beast.

  8. I really like this review nathan. This does not seem the usual confrontational vid. I think you guys have come a long way and I am learn from you since I want to have my own Vids posted.

    Keep on improving and keep on making these great vids!

  9. 2:58. 'Seven thousand dollars approximately, and that's before, of coarse, the tax rebate.'

    So the plug-in C-Max costs 7 grand more, yet the price reduces by $7500. The only disadvantage is less boot space. $500 less for a new technology, better economy, practical EV range, etc.

    Does anyone know how to change a username?!

  10. I am an astrophysicist and people who are thinking of buying this car shouldn't because we just came up with a prototype of a flying car and it will be coming out soon Hint*summer'13Hint*

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