Fast Cars: 2014 BMW 428i and 435i Coupe: Everything you Ever Wanted to Know

Fast Cars: 2014 BMW 428i and 435i Coupe: Everything you Ever Wanted to Know

Awesome fast car review: 2014 BMW 428i and 435i Coupe: Everything you Ever Wanted to Know

( ) The all new BMW 4-Series right now consists of two coupes. The BMW 428i and 435i. Here are the main bullet points of the new breed of BMW:
* Uses BMW 3-series sedan wheelbase, but the coupe is lower and wider. 1.5 in wider in the front, 2.4in wider in the rear
* 4-series has “lowest center of gravity of any BMW car currently on sale”. And it shows.
* On sale now. starts at $40,500 for 428i, 435i starts at $46,000.
* Engines are carry-over. 2.0-liter 4 cylinder turbo with 241 hp / 258 torque. 3.0-liter straight six with 300 hp / 295 torque.
* Both trims are available with xDrive all wheel drive

Those are the basic facts. Andre recently had the chance to drive the new 4-series in the great state of Washington so check out another fun and informative TFLcar video for everything you ever wanted to know about the 2014 BMW 428i and 435i.

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27 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2014 BMW 428i and 435i Coupe: Everything you Ever Wanted to Know”

  1. That 428 looks just like mine! 😀

    Track width: This thing, with xDrive, refuses to get loose in a corner! 🙂

    EcoPro: I hate putting mine on EcoPro… She just feels like she hates me when I turn it on… Like she resents being restricted like she is… So, comfort is where she stays most the time. 😀

    Headlights: Xenon was standard on the 4-series, as I recall, and that was a major selling point for me. I didn't even know about the Tucker tracking in the headlights until my sister mentioned she saw my headlights moving… Way cool! 😀

    Some things not touched on:

    It has a seatbelt robot! When you get in and start the engine and close the door, a little robotic arm pokes out and pushes your seatbelt forward. My sister named them "Tim"…

    It seats four people quite easily! Smaller coupes are usually restricted to seating two comfortably even though they may have a back seat… The 4-series, though, seats my 5'10" self quite easily in the back…

    Rear seats fold down for extra trunk space… And the trunk is big enough to where you could sleep 2 or 3 comfortably with the seats folded!! I honestly have no idea how BMW got so much ROOM in such a small car!

    Mine has a little dock thing for an iPhone or iPod or other iDevice that may fit, but it also has a USB and AUX port right next to that…. Imagine my surprise when my AUX-plugged cheapy Walkman was running low on battery, so I hooked the USB up, and the car started reading it like a media device!! :O I'm actually tempted to set up one of my spare laptop HDD's on a SATA-to-USB wire and see if it won't read it as a storage device… How utterly awesome would it be to have a whole terrabyte or more of actual hard drive holding all your multimedia right in the car!? 😀

    The seats in the non-M are pretty standard, but they're not standard at all…. In a Ford or Chevy, these seats would be a premium… In a BMW, they're a lot less premium…. But they're still GREAT seats!

    BMW definitely did it right with the 4-series… If you're considering an entry-level BMW, the 4-series is most definitely worth looking into!!

  2. Bought my 428i yesterday with a $4000 discount for $38k! It is a completely different car way above my previous C250 Coupe in all ways, specially suspension, comfort and performance. BMW 428i also offers HID lamps and driving modes in the basic trim as standard!

  3. This guy reminds me of a black teenager singing about girls. Things I want to know. hahaha car salesman. Whats the weight difference between the tiptronic and the manual. How much aluminium is in the body and is the wider track a result of an increase of light weight components? Does the base car come with a locking rear end? Is heads up display an option? How many styles of wheels are available?

  4. @Discordia Merovean Except it's true that americans (not just American BMW drivers) like less quality, less feel, less fuel efficiency, less handling. Why do Americans still buy hummers and SUVs at this day in age.. why do Americans still buy Ford Mustangs and Cadillac Escalades.. Mustang has got to be the shittiest car every made. Dodge Charger is probably the most oversized sedan in the market. Americans are obsessed with everything big, from a hamburger all the way to cars.

  5. So Paul Ferraiolo is the bastard responsible for the reporting up the chain that what American BMW drivers want is Less quality, less handling, less feel, less special, and more fat with a side of wannabee luxury?  Brilliant, lets get away from everything that made BMW special, "DYNAMICS" in one word, and go after the mass market Roundel worshiping American douche.  Cool, only one problem really.  Audi, Mercedes, and Lexus pretty much have BMW covered when it comes to coddling, insulating, numb, and lifeless luxury pretense…  Congrats BMW you are now arguing with the idiots, dumming yourself down and sales are going to drop, and keep dropping.  

    SO WELL DONE PAUL, Nicely done, it's going to suck watching your German competitors eat your lunch.   

  6. LOL you mean your IS350 that lost to every competitor in every test? Lol loving your interior too. Go to bmw and test drive a 3 series and then go to audi and test drive an a4. Your IS350 is garbage and it's been proven by many professional car reviewers.

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