Fast Cars: 2014 Ford Escape EcoBoost 4WD Colorado Off-Road Review 2.0

Fast Cars: 2014 Ford Escape EcoBoost 4WD Colorado Off-Road Review 2.0

Awesome fast car review: 2014 Ford Escape EcoBoost 4WD Colorado Off-Road Review 2.0

( ) The 2014 Ford Escape EcoBoost is small all-wheel-drive Crossover that is called the Ford Kuga in Europe. Last year we tested the Ford Escape up our traditional off-road trail in the snow and quickly got it stuck and almost rolled it into a creek. The trail and the conditions were obviously extreme for a vehicle that most people will only use occasionally on a dirt road. As soon as the snow started falling in Colorado we decided to try it again on a more fitting off-road trail. In another accurate,fun and informative TFLcar Colorado off-road review, we re-test the 2014 Ford Escape with the EcoBoost engine in the snow and mud to se how it will drive when the road gets steep and rough.

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45 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2014 Ford Escape EcoBoost 4WD Colorado Off-Road Review 2.0”

  1. New Ford smell reminds me of what Toyotas used to smell like new back in the 80's, maybe just not quite as strong…but the scent is really similar.

  2. My wife has a 14 escape with a kuga grill on it lol been a great car. My parents liked mine enough to pick up a 15 escape. Theirs has been really good too

  3. Great video! And Happy Easter 2018! I have that exact car except front-drive only here in California. That being said, would you suggest I avoid any in-paved road at all costs – or might my configuration be ok on the dirt road in the first segment of the video? Just looking to get out in nature a bit: Thanks for everything guys!

  4. I have an se model the stock tires that came with it would have been perfect for any no snow area or when it snow u stayed at home that being said they were great tires in the summer but living in the high Adirondacks and I do believe the mountains are bigger in Colorado I would suggest getting studless snow tires for people that can drive in the snow and studded for people that can't . the stock tires were all over the place in 4 inches of snow have since replaced them with snow tires the vehicle is now excellent in the snow and off road

  5. Get rid of the wide tires, 235/70/16, put 205/80/16, and cut air pressure down to 25 lbs on all four. That Ford Escape will push snow up to the head lights

  6. You're incorrect to say that there are no buttons to push and nothing to do for the 4wd system. If you go through the menu on the dash, you can turn off the "traction control" and that allows for more wheel spin since it won't cut the power and still keep the intelligent 4wd on. That can help in snow/ice and other slippery situations.
    #TheFastLaneCar @thefastlanecar

  7. I own a 2013 Ford Escape 2.0L Ecoboost AWD and It needs a new transmission at a cost of $4,500. I've already dumped $2,500 this year in repairs (faulty BCM module and faulty injector) It's a 2013 and only has 77,000 miles on it but it's out of warranty so I am SOL. Don't buy a Ford Escape AWD. They are a money pit and can't even handle a little mud.

  8. If you're going to buy this vehicle, I have two important recommendations. Get the 2.0L Ecoboost engine over the 1.6L one and wait till 2016 for Sync 3. The all-new infotainment system is miles ahead of MyFordTouch.

  9. they are working on a new my ford touch its funny you take this off road most people that have this car the only off road it would do is the speed bump in the mall parking lot it good to now it take you to the cabin in the woods  

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