Fast Cars: 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee First Drive Off-Road Review: Jeep week video # 4

Fast Cars: 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee First Drive Off-Road Review: Jeep week video # 4

Awesome fast car review: 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee First Drive Off-Road Review: Jeep week video # 4

( ) The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of a handful of vehicles that is truly off-road worthy. For 2014 there are now a total of 5 different Jeep Grand Cherokee models with 4 engine choices. In this exclusive TFLcar first drive review we take the brand new diesel Grand Cherokee off-road to see how the massive amounts of diesel engine torque really work when the road disappears. Is the new and refreshed Jeep Grand Cherokee worth the premium price that the new Summit model now demands? That’s a question that Roman and Nathan try to answer as they drive through the hills of Texas.

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22 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee First Drive Off-Road Review: Jeep week video # 4”

  1. I have 2014 Jeep diesel with ex filter problems dealer tried twice to fix but can not diesel is good and bad was told that recall is coming diesel soon

  2. looks good but overpriced – old technology – unreliable compared with Japanese – too heavy – not really off road and a bitch to run every day in the city – what's it good for?? dunno?? – buy the latest Toyota I reckon

  3. For those not from this area they are testing let me tell you something. They are climbing granite domes. It's like sandpaper. That's how tacky this rock is, so imagine how easy it was for this Jeep to climb those ascents. Take it from me- I've mountain biked this area on those rocks. And no slippage whatsoever.

  4. I just bought a 2015 Overland with everything. I'm one of the 1% that goes off road. I traded my 10 year old LR3 Land Rover in on the Jeep. I can't count the number of times people stopped me and asked me if it really was a Land Rover. That's what I bought it for and that's what I got the Jeep for. Something that will go if and when the SHTF. The only thing I miss about me Rover is the cargo space. I've already had the Jeep off road and it will do anything they advertise.

  5. You guys seemed to be more joking about the prepping for Doomsday scenario but that was a crucial part of my decision to recently purchase a pre-leased 2014 Overland with less than 20K miles on it.

  6. WHAT!!! This is as much Off Road as you will EVER get! Doesnt matter if its not Colorado. How many SUVs will tackle a 50 degree hill climb and descent…how many. To me Jeep is as rugged and beautiful as any SUV can be. People are soo in love with Land Rover. One thing they dont mention is its dismal reliability along with just about every other German brand. I went shopping for several Mercedes and BMW models recently and was like WOW so cheap for a low mileage 5yr old car…then i looked at the CarFax and it read like a biography of service calls after service calls of $1000 plus repairs of every failure imaginable. And this is with low mileage less than 45k. Sure Jeep has its problems but minuscule in nature compared to German brands. I have a 2013 Dodge Ram with 27k and happy to report the ONLY issue I have is a faulty door lock that only locks the driver side only on most occasions. I will have that serviced soon. This is the ONLY issue in 3yrs. I love the way this truck drives down the highway and light offroad. Its a confident feeling truck.

  7. It's unfortunate that Jeep had to sacrifice ground height for fuel efficiency tho, but I always loved the Grand Cherokees ­čÖé

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