Fast Cars: 2014 Mazda3 vs Subaru Impreza 0-60 MPH Matchup Review

Fast Cars: 2014 Mazda3 vs Subaru Impreza 0-60 MPH Matchup Review

Awesome fast car review: 2014 Mazda3 vs Subaru Impreza 0-60 MPH Matchup Review

( ) The 2014 Mazda3 and the 2014 Subaru Impreza directly compete against each other. They are also two of the slowest cars that we’ve ever tested at a mile above sea level….at least the previous generation of both vehicles. The current cars both feature fuel efficient 2.0L engine so they both get exceptional fuel economy. However there are very important differences. The Subaru uses a CVT transmission and comes with all-wheel-drive while the Mazda is front-wheel-drive and had a more traditional 6 speed automatic. So which of these two brand new economy cars is the most fuel efficient? That’s easy to find out but which one is faster? In another accurate, fun and informative TFLcar review Nathan and Roman test the cars in a 0-60 MPH grudge match.

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36 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2014 Mazda3 vs Subaru Impreza 0-60 MPH Matchup Review”

  1. The biggest problem with comparisons like this is you guys always use automatic transmission vehicles which are always slower history has proven this if you're going to do a comparison use manual transmissions autos are for grannys

  2. The CVT is not for car enthusiasts. It's for people who want fuel economy. Maybe in the future someone will combine the pulley system with a dual clutch. That's going to take some engineering.

  3. 12 seconds to accelerate to 60 mph? My Corolla base model rock stock 1.8 did the same in seven seconds with a manual transmission.
    That tells me not to buy a cvt.

  4. no exhaust to be seen at the mazda?? my mazda 3 got 2 exhaust pipes, one every side, standard!! and 0-60 in 8.2sec, standard!! nice review!!

  5. I have the 5 speed of the impreza and im so glad. my dad has a cvt forester and i hate it. but my dad is 65 years old and doesnt care about performance or anything where as i like to go faster. BUT even in the cvt version i would still pick the subaru over the mazda simply because awd.

  6. You don't floor a CVT, you hold it at peak torque output. I did a quick Google search and it said around 8 Seconds. My 2016 Outlander Sport with a 2.0 and 148 horsepower gets 0 to 60 in around 8 seconds with a CVT and it weighs 3200 lb.

    Torque Peak output on my 4B 11 engine is 4250 RPMs

  7. #1 over a mile above sea level
    #2 The worst way to launch a CVT is to brake Torque it
    The way to launch a cvt the Fastest way and actually make the car feel peppy as hell is to feed the gas a little slower than normal. My Impreza CVT does 0-60 in a really good 7.9. These guys can’t drive…

  8. Unlike these losers, I own two cars. My Subaru gets me through the snow and ice and my 911 rules the world from April through November. 0-60 tests for these cars is idiotic.

  9. Mazda, the brand that no one buys. I recall one of these guys did a review on the Mazda 6 and how sales figures are still far below the competition. Despite that Mazda probably makes great cars, sales figures don't lie. So, who buys them?

  10. Comparing a Subaru Impreza with a Mazda 3 on acceleretion means you know very little about cars. Compare those two on snow and then what? Mazda 3 would be a lesser car? No, they are simply two very different cars with different qualities.

  11. i know its not the same years but test drove the 2017 impreza 2.0 with the CVT , versus the 2017 mazda 2.0, the impreza sucked balls yes the AWD is nice but other then that its a loser …. same day, same highway, same passenger. lol…. the impreza impressed us until the test drive…we even went back and took the mazda out AGAIN to make sure the impreza sucked so bad….

  12. Had 3 choices when I chose my next car,all 2016 models,Impreza 2.0i 5dr Sport,Mazda3 2.0 5dr and the wild card was Acura iLX,reason I put the Acura on my list once you start loading up the other 2 with options,the price rockets,the base Acura iLX as good options already plus 201BHP and good mpg,luxury etc etc,when I test drove the Mazda,first one broke down,second one was ok but I thought was not much vroom vroom,if you look at the 2.5ltr engine then price jumps big time,test drove the Acura iLX,all round nice nice car BUT mite have higher running costs in future plus I live in New England so those ultra low profile tyres mite be a issue,next was Subaru Impreza 20i Sport 5dr,build quality was nearly as good as the Acura but less pep in engine,good mpg and will cope well with winter driving.Felt the quality of the Mazda was a weakness but did like its European style media controls,bit like the i controler on BMW`s,all 3 cars have there pros and cons,felt the Mazda to be the lower quality car of the 3,the subaru was much higher in quality with the Acura just beating it in this area.
    So which did I pick,winner was Subaru Impreza 2.0i Sport 5dr,its not going to wind any drag races but in the real world,for me was clear winner.

  13. I'd still take the great handling, reliable and winter-friendly Impreza over the Mazda3. Still, both are great little bargains. You can't just measure life by 0-60!

  14. subaru changed the engine of impreza from 2010 (was 2.5; now is 2.00) till now. No power no fun, though more fuel efficient, I like the horsepower and torque of the older 2.5 version

  15. Subaru AWD is awesome but car is just ugly
    Apparently in last 8 years or so all car designers and especially Japanese are in fearsome competition whose cars are UGLIER. This one is good example of that.. In real life Subaru Impeza hatch is even uglier than on screen. inside and out.

  16. I have the exact same Subaru as in your viedo, I could not believe the 0-60 time you got. I know my car is no hot rod, but your time was way off of mine. I got 10.25 O-60. You have to wait until Subie's get about 15k on the motor. They really perform better then.

  17. People keep coming up with this bullshit excuse that they are build to save on fuel… Please, you can get just as good MPG in other cars that deliver a lot more power. You are impressed by the Mazda 3? Drive a Volkswagen GTI then… it's also a 2.0L, gets great MPG consumption, and the best part, it outperforms most V6 engines. But then again, that's German technology, not American or Asian crap. I bet you can get a VW GTI from 0-60 in 5 seconds. Yes it's a 2.0 engine as well.

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