Fast Cars: 2014 Subaru CrossTrek XV Hybrid Muddy Off-Road Review

Fast Cars: 2014 Subaru CrossTrek XV Hybrid Muddy Off-Road Review

Awesome fast car review: 2014 Subaru CrossTrek XV Hybrid Muddy Off-Road Review

( ) 2014 Subaru CrossTrek XV Hybrid is the only hybrid car that Subaru currently builds. It gets 29 MPG in the City and 33MPG on the Highway, but is it off-road worth? In another accurate, fun and informative TFLcar review Nathan gets Subaru’s only hybrid car muddy and dirty to see if it is truly off-road worthy.

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39 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2014 Subaru CrossTrek XV Hybrid Muddy Off-Road Review”

  1. I just picked this car up in the 2016 version. I've heard there have been a few changes done to it from the 2013-1015 versions. One thing I do notice is mine has a better interior. They changed the stitching on the leather to orange which stands out nicely. There is some more plastic to add some two tone, and I've got the 7 inch display. It's definitely a nice car and I'm certainly enjoying the upgrade from my 2008 Legacy.

  2. Enjoyed the honest review. Saw a pickup in background at 2:25, so, wondering if what a young man really wanted was a pickup, but his principal use of vehicle is commuting 1.5 hrs a day and he's 6', but works in the sustainable world, do you have an opinion about vehicles? Looking at Chevy Colorado, but read some negative reviews. Would appreciate your advice. Thanks! Enjoyed the vid!

  3. Hybrid model is a bad choice go for the non hybrid! Less than 1000 hybrid models sold in almost 2 years worldwide! Getting someone with experience to work on it that won't cost you a arm & leg for him to learn on it and getting parts for it good luck!

  4. in my opinion, Subaru should've made a hybrid Legacy or Impreza.  Seems to make more sense in those cars. But, when you consider that Subaru makes the only hybrid crossover, it starts to make more sense.

  5. I think the Lexus NX Hybrid AWD can be a head to head match up. And please do a battle review on it as well as the Mercedes Benz GLA 4Matic vs the Subaru XV Crosstrek. Thanks and more power.

    You got it right man, Subaru's interior really suck and too old school compare to its competitors.

  6. Love it, glad someone finally took off road. Can you guys do a On-Road review of this please. Would love to see that! Looking to buy one but not sure if 4k jump is worth price. Not just in it for mpg but also for added sound insulation and revised smoother riding suspension. 

  7. I don't know why so many people hate the interior… I think it looks nice! Not over the top, not loaded with a bunch of gadgets that are going to break in 3 years… simple, clean, with nice lines.

  8. Dear TFL i have base  of my cars purchase upon your reviews! Honest from gear heads. I been a mechanic/light body man for 30+ years Yes i purchase a Crosstrek Hybrid, Yes the interior are cheap looking, but after analyzing body sturcture interior design Safety was 1st on Subaru list! 3k more than a regular 1 but u get lots of extras the electric motor give you a boost when it kicks in! i commute in heavy city traffic my vw golf MkVI TDI 20-24mpg! Crosstrek Hybrid is same and fun to drive on the road and off  the road!

  9. So how'd it act as a hybrid? Did the start-stop feature work at all when parked? Did it work much at all in normal driving? Does the engine ever turn on silently like a Prius, or does it rely on a conventional starter all the time?

  10. Closest competitor would be Honda Vezel Hybrid AWD (= HR-V US). But not clear yet if we get this model (or even the Hybrid FWD model).

    Other than that upcoming Lexus NX 300h but will be more expensive.

  11. And of course the Tiguan with the diesel sold over in Europe would be the closest competitor, and it's mileage is actually rated higher (even when adjusting to US MPG standards). It's more expensive, but you certainly get what you pay for.

  12. I'd wager that the VW Tiguan would do most of what this does off road, and the 2.0TSI gets very similar mileage. Add I. Better build quality, more refinement, and better driving manners, and I think that's the one is choose. In Europe they sell an off-road package for the Tiguan with skid plates, higher approach angles, etc. over there the Tiguan was/is a huge go-to seller.

  13. That was good, but not really an off-road challenge.  I'm not talking about extreme Jeep-trail driving, just something a bit more revealing.  I really enjoy TFL's vids, though.  You guys are my favorites!

  14. I was playing with my 2014 Forester in trails that looked similar to this video.  Traction was awesome, ground clearance was good and it was a blast.  Then on about the third trip in the woods my front axle broke.  I had to get towed out.

    I realize sometimes things just break, or maybe I got a little too enthusiastic with my driving, but I'm left wondering if Subaru's are really rugged enough to handle this type of thing.  And Subaru is saying that since damage happened due to off-road conditions it's not a warranty repair.

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