Fast Cars: 2015 Chrysler 300 Sneak Peek Review: More Attitude, Swagger & Gears

Fast Cars: 2015 Chrysler 300 Sneak Peek Review: More Attitude, Swagger & Gears

Awesome fast car review: 2015 Chrysler 300 Sneak Peek Review: More Attitude, Swagger & Gears

( ) The 2015 Chrysler 300 has been refreshed and spruced up to give it more attitude and more swagger and even more gears. In this TFLcar sneak peek Roman gets behind the wheel of the 2015 Chrysler 300S with the HEMI V8 engine and finds out if more gears equals more performance.

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41 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2015 Chrysler 300 Sneak Peek Review: More Attitude, Swagger & Gears”

  1. I just bought the 3.6L V6 base model, and I’ll tell you right now, it’s no V8, but it’s no slouch either. I’ve left many a Honda Civic in my exhaust on day one! Very fun car!! 😀

  2. To all who say it looks like audi it's the other way around Here's why when in 1999 chrysler 300M came out it had a small grill BUT in 1999 Chrysler LHS had the big egg crate grill (which i had)the grill was in the middle of the front end in 2005 300 grill was slightly higher and I'll tell my friends how audi copy it and see what i mean.ALSO look at Buick new lacrosse and regal same headlights as chrysler 300 which i call them Seahawks facing each other.

  3. My father purchased a 2014 V-6 with all the trimmings, spent a week driving it and instantly fell it love with the car it really is a great handling vehicle. Only down side for me is quality over ownership Chrysler is not the best.

  4. Hey TFLC , can you guys get us a review for the 2015 Charger R/T (v8). Can you make sure to test the new ZF 8HP transmissions, I want to see how well it throttle blips the rev match and how quick it can shift.

    Thanks Regards, 


  5. I really hate how Dodge and Chrysler decided to drop the AWD in the v8 models….did it ever occur to those guys that people still live in snow areas? ohh hey u live in a cold state? you don't get the powerful v8, you get the weak v6….deal with it.

  6. The front headlights are the exact same lights as previous S models. If you're going to review it (as a profession) know your facts.

    In my opinion an 11-14 looks better than the 15. Either-way, it is the same car, with a different front grill, bumper diffuser (front and back) different looking tail lights and the inside tacks are less luxurious, etc. The little details that made the 11-14 look luxurious, were basically removed in the 15 and replaced with items that (in my opinion) cheapen the look. They did all of this while giving you the same car.


  7. I thought the old model 5.7 made more HP? Im sure im wrong though lol. No SRT is kinda a bummer. Honeslty the 2014 SRT model is one of my favorite cars on the market right now.

  8. Only black people buy the Chrysler 300. This car is a knock off of the Roll's Royce Phantom. Black people like to show off, even though the things they show off are foolish. If you know Chrysler, then you know the Chrysler 300 will always be shitty.

  9. so get the 3.6 and make around 300hp or get the 5.7 and make only 60 more hp. yea im pretty sure that one is gonna sell itself to people with common sense

  10. Roman says he thinks they are going for and selling MMMerica. Hmmm! German platform, made in Canada owned by the Italians. If you need or want a Luxo barge fine, but these are awful and rated the lowest by any other tests world wide.

  11. I figured this, i waited since 2012 for the Chrysler 300c to get the 8 speed with the SRT engine. but looks like i am going to have to buy a challenger or charger, which is every fucking where. I hope there is a way to do an engine swap or i am going to have to make a way. The Chrysler 300 didn't sale because a fully loaded charger or challenger SRT was about 3-4 thousand dollars less than the 300. extremely disappointed.

  12. Less than 1% of SRT 300s were sold?! Ha! Thats funny. Its an ok car, but they go out of their way to make it obviously a poor man's luxury car. And its barely entry level luxury. They weren't fooling anyone with that SRT 300. Who were they trying to market that for?

  13. Yeah, we didn't buy the SRT version because those in the know were waiting for the 8-speed to arrive in the 300 SRT. Well, that day will never come, at least not stateside. Big mistake on Chrysler's part.

  14. I went to a Dodge thing some years ago to drive the new Hemi trucks. We was only allowed to drive 15 mph. I took it back to the start point and got out and went home. It's just stupid to put a then 340hp V8 engine in a truck and tell people to only drive 15 mph.

  15. It piss me off when someone says rear fascia. It is a stupid word that some want-a-be behind a desk came up with.
    It's almost as stupid as upper cylinder lubrication. There is no such thing. It's just a catch phrase to fool uneducated people n to buying gas treatment.

  16. I've always liked the 300. The Taurus is ugly and the Impala is bland. I like the new wheels a lot (do they come in that awesome gloss black?), but I'm not a big fan of that rotary knob for the tranny. Maybe I can find a nice used 300 SRT somewhere…

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