Fast Cars: 2015 Ford Edge First Drive Review in TFL4K: A New, New Age Crossover

Fast Cars: 2015 Ford Edge First Drive Review in TFL4K: A New, New Age Crossover

Awesome fast car review: 2015 Ford Edge First Drive Review in TFL4K: A New, New Age Crossover

( ) The 2015 Ford Edge is all new. The Ford is available with three different engines and in both front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive. So how does this completely new second generation 2015 Ford Edge drive. Roman recently found out in Arizona in this TFLcar first drive review.

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31 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2015 Ford Edge First Drive Review in TFL4K: A New, New Age Crossover”

  1. I love Ford, I always will but they are trying to convince people that they have fixed the problems from previous years.
    The problem is that in the 80's they tried to over control the engines instead of just letting them breath freely, and they could never build a good auto transmission.
    Now in recent years they have thrown themselves into the cvt and economy tech and have failed miserably.
    I'm not buying a new Ford until they harken back to the past and just let the cars nature shine. Any true gear head will understand that statement

  2. Hello, For a Ford Edge Titanium (The sport is too restrictive in color) So, for the Titanium 2017 which engine to choose? The 4 cylinder 2 L or the V6 3.5 L? The 4 cylinder 2 L or the V6 3.5 L? It will be all-wheel-drive

  3. I've owned a 2015 Ford Edge Sport for a year now. This reviewer really missed the mark on paddle shifters. For those of us living in the mountains, the paddle shifter allows downshifts for steep down hills. I've got 6 cars, 2 with paddle shifters. Mountain driving is better with them. Also good on switchbacks and curvy roads.

  4. fast lane car, based on several reviews (mainly this one) i decided to purchase a new ford edge se awd 2.0. i consider your reviews a bit better than most, thumbs up…however a few suggestions i would like to make—-not everyone will be attracted to the higher levels of trim on cars. in my case those higher levels of trim have features i will never use nor want to pay for. with that said, nowhere did i find a review on the SE awd 2.0 which in my opinion is the smarter buy. im sure adding different reviews of different trim levels would make your videos more informative and help us the consumer. in any event thanks for a great channel and good info…thumbs up

  5. Just went to test drive the 2015 Edge Sport in depth last night (and I did), while yea it is pretty quick (very quick for an SUV) it's insanely boring. The car has no character 🙁 and honestly, it's ridiculously overpriced. There were two models at the dealer, a fully loaded one for $49k and a base Edge Sport (with nav) for MSRP of $41k, out the door for $39k… I'm sorry but that's just ridiculous pricing.

  6. Did I get a good deal I paid $34,500.18 dollars with a trade in of 2,000 dollars 1,000 dollars off for military. I think I got a good deal? What do you think let me know OK?

  7. I heard and saw that the new 2016 MKX gets it's turbo to 335 HP, so why couldn't Edge get this? Or did they (FORD/LINCOLN) save that power for the MKX because it is considered more upscale and deserving of the extra power?

  8. It's a real shame automakers are no longer offering manual transmission in most of their cars.  I believe the last sports SUV that had one was last generation's BMX X5. Why make a Sport model without a manual option?

  9. 4 months later FLC…where's the on-road and off-road reviews for the Edge Sport? I hear the thing is a bullet for the segment and price range it sits in, so it would be good to see it on Tarmac.

  10. I bought my 2.7L AWD Sport a month ago. I can tell you this car is very fast when you put it into sport mode!!! Just make sure you put 93 octane fuel in it to get the power you want!

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