Fast Cars: 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport 2.0T Quick Pics Review: Sporty or Not?

Fast Cars: 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport 2.0T Quick Pics Review: Sporty or Not?

Awesome fast car review: 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport 2.0T Quick Pics Review: Sporty or Not?

( ) The 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport 2.0T is brawn meets brains. But do those quad tailpipes signal a real sporting demeanor, or is it purely cosmetic?

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43 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport 2.0T Quick Pics Review: Sporty or Not?”

  1. Ive owned this car for 6 months with 35k miles
    GREAT car. Brakes are strong and suspension is way stiffer than 90% of sedans
    Usually 0-60 for me is under 5.5 seconds with MXM4 Michelin tires

  2. I have the same exact car. If you want a sport-car, do not get this car. It's no slug, and has plenty of power for everyday driving. No problem passing anyone in this car. It's very comfortable and the options on it are simply great. I honestly cannot complain about a fully loaded sonata, the ride is comfortable the heated and cooling seats are great for summer and winter. panoramic sunroof is more for the passengers, although in dark cloudy days it adds much needed light to the cabin. the safety features are life savers (literally). This is simply a very well put together practical sedan with everything you need. My only complain would be that the seats could be more comfortable, although that's only apparent when I take 4+ hrs trips. I wish they would've also added automatic retractable side mirrors and front parking sensors (the back sensors work very well).

  3. I used to drive a Sonata Turbo. I liked the turbo but wanted something 'sportier' so I traded up to a Genesis Coupe Turbo. I drove the V6 Coupe, but it did not have the get-up-and-go as quickly as I like with the 4 cylinder. And now, there is no more 4 cylinder turbo in the Coupe so I am probably going to go with another car company for my next car purchase.

  4. year by year hyundai is getting better and better.. some of the angle and styles of this car have some similarity from Audi..

  5. Am I the only one that thinks they went backwards in design with this 2015? My brothers 2011 seems to have a much better looking interior that doesn't look sedate and boring as this one. Also the exterior of the new one looks more conservative and plain.

  6. Had a non-turbo on vacation…. Handles fine; had some fun driving from LA to Big Bear Lake. The Kumho Solus tires did complain though. Though the brakes did feel mushy

  7. I traded in my 2012 Accord for this exact same model, and although the two can't compare, I really do like this car. Now ive never owned a Merc or BMW but I did spend a fair time driving them. This car is really nice, interior quality is great, and power delivery through the engine and tranny is nice and smooth. I did look and test drive a new Accord, Fusion, and Mazda6. I didn't like them very much.

  8. Thank you, This is a great review, lets do this for the future for every test car please and forget the almost everything you ever want to know reviews….. Thanks

  9. Yes Hyundai may look nice but they really NEED to step it up on quality and refinement. My 2013 Elantra GT is VERY disappointing. The sunroof rattles, windshield had to be resealed, my gas mileage is WAY under as advertised etc… Not to mention my dads 2015 Genesis had to be, get this, TOWED out of my own garage! Please Hyundai put a little more effort in…

  10. Really like your reviews Dan, but the mic you use really grates on me.  Super harsh.  Sounds like you're yelling into a can.  Hope you find some way to soften that up a little bit.

  11. 3:49 – I love all the breaks in the sheet metal in the trunk and how they didn't bother to really hem it up nice. You might say it's not necessary, but what it says to me is they're concerned about the bottom line and could care less if it rusts out in 5 years. They want you to buy a new one anyways. AND YES, I understand this isn't the underside of the car, this part of the car won't see inclement weather, but just being able to see big gaps like that in the overlapping sheets makes me cringe and wonder where else such a flaw can be found.

  12. Excellent review! Personally, I really like it; the look, the features, the ride (yeah I've driven one). Seriously considering getting one, one day and not because I work at a Hyundai dealership.

  13. 16.37 phone link time?! I really wanted one under the 16.35 benchmark…im gonna pass on the car……back to living under this bridge buahhaha

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