Fast Cars: 2015 Lincoln MKC: Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Fast Cars: 2015 Lincoln MKC: Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Awesome fast car review: 2015 Lincoln MKC: Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

( ) The new 2015 Lincoln MKC is a Luxury Crossover based on the Ford Escape. Does this mean the new2015 Lincoln MKC is a classic example of badge Engineering or has Ford moved the Lincoln beyond the humble Escape roots. Find out the answer to this question in another TFLcar Everything You Ever Wanted to Know video.

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23 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2015 Lincoln MKC: Almost Everything You Ever Wanted to Know”

  1. I hate to inform anyone who thinks this is a great car, but let me straighten you out about a couple things. This is not a dependable car. I replaced front brake pads at 30k miles, had a battery completely die, sunroof shade squealing, rear shocks clunking (which ford did not fix) and 2 recalls. All before 40k miles. Yes, Ford took care of the issues except brakes (shocks-I unloaded the car at this point) but I was coming up on the end of warranty and would own all future issues. I finally traded this car off and was so happy to be rid of it! It is a beautiful looking car with so many features just waiting to fail. Ford gives you a Lincoln when you bring one in for warranty work. The MKX loaner had as many problems as my MKC! These are expensive cars. Don't waste your money on this.

  2. Lincoln's quality is not good really, wouldn't consider a lincoln over its european rivals or Cadillac, I got to drive my best friend's 2012 Lincoln MKZ bought new in november 2012, and after less than 2 years and 36,000 miles, the interior looks so worn i just couldn't believe; the interior crome finishes are full of cracks and bubbles, and the leather in the steering wheel and driver's seat is very ripped, looks like a 10 year old car or older, the leather in my 2005 cadillac cts looks new if compared to that almost new lincoln, also the dealer told us that the warranty was completely void on all subjects for a couple of services not done on time. 

  3. I used to think badge engineering was inherently bad until I bought my Navigator. It's basically an Expedition, yes, but it's a loaded Expedition with the biggest motor, biggest transmission, tons of features and creature comforts, all standard.

    In other words, it's getting everything foisted on you whether you think you want it or not, finding out how awesome it is, and being thankful you didn't get the stripped down Ford.

  4. когда же линкольны начнут в россии официально продаваться, автомобили стоящие и необычные

  5. You guys are seriously going in on this ENGINEER about his salemanship and promotng.  He is smart than you dmb hicks and he deals with numbers nd computers not interviews and he sill did ok with getting the info out about this vehicle.

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