Fast Cars: 2015 Lincoln Navigator vs 2014 Navigator Matchup First Drive Review: Old vs New

Fast Cars: 2015 Lincoln Navigator vs 2014 Navigator Matchup First Drive Review: Old vs New

Awesome fast car review: 2015 Lincoln Navigator vs 2014 Navigator Matchup First Drive Review: Old vs New

( ) The 2015 Lincoln Navigator is all new but is it better than the 2014 Navigator. We wanted to find out as the new big boy Lincoln SUV will hit the Lincoln showsrooms soon in October of 2014. In accurate, fun and informative TFLcar review Roman drives and reviews the 2014 model side by side with the new 2015 Lincoln Navigator in a Matchup review.

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50 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2015 Lincoln Navigator vs 2014 Navigator Matchup First Drive Review: Old vs New”

  1. I was a Cadillac fan, but the 2018 navigator is wayyyy more elegant and sharp looking! Good job Lincoln, you've gained a fan!

  2. He was too full of s**t in this segment! He was kissing the azz of the 2014 when it came out and now he wants to play "choosy lover" just because of the availability of the 2015 model.

  3. It looks like shit the escalade and the Yukon looks much more modern and much nicer I hope the next model year looks better because I like the navigators but they look like shit now

  4. he keep saying the 14 is premium Ford. wrong! the Navigator always was way better than having an Expedition. the 14 navigator is better than the 17 Expedition Platinum because the Platinum stole it's options from the Navigator anyway. No matter how old or new the Navigator is each generation is unique in its own way. But the only difference between the 14 & 15 is, the 15 has a v6, no longer an option for air ride system & and it's redesigned. cargo space & interior is almost pretty much the same. both third row goes down with push of a button & both share the same options. power liftgate (he tried to make it look like the 14 didn't have power liftgate but it do)… Low leveling system, etc…

  5. I can't believe they got rid of the chrome strip at the side I know that you can get the running boards chrome but it feels like too much of a gap between the top of door and bottom

  6. MAKE IT GO OFF-ROAD. Even the Japanese SUVs are more off road capable, luxurious, and get better mpg (if you care about that "crap"). These trucks are to Low and the V6 sounds thrasy… boo Ford boo GM boo American SUVs.

  7. I'm glad Lincoln finally did SOMETHING with the Navigator but until the new one comes this one is just meh…I'd rather have just about anything else in the segment.

  8. Whaa hoo!! Lincoln Navigator beats Lincoln Navigator!!! The 2015 Cadillac Escalade is More fuel efficient than Fords V6!!! Shit on my comments after you do your research. I hope Ford wakes up!

  9. This is a much better improvement over the crappy cheap crome covered one that it replaces. The dashboard is better and not a clusterfuck of cheap materials and poor design. But please give it two tailpipes, the single pipe on one side makes it look so cheap.

  10. This is EXACTLY Y A TRUCK THAT HAS BEEN A V8 ITS ENTIRE LIFE AND NOW HAS A PUSSY ASS "V6"!!!!. BCUZ THE CHIEF ENGINEER IS A WOMAN!!!!!!! Lincoln navigators and expeditions have been struggling as it is to stay on par with escalades and yukon/tahoes for YEARS now!!!! Now ford has really sank their FULLSIZE suv marketing….! If they really wanted to sell nav's n exed's they 1st of FIRE HER ASS!! And keep that faggot as v6 in tauruses and other CARS! And drop that RAPTOR 6.2L in their trucks!!! That wud really boost sales!!!!

  11. I thought the last gen front end was ugly, now I see this new one.  That in addition to the V6??  Did Ford just decide to hand this market over to GM?  I do like the idea of having a programmable suspension though, wish GM would do that.  I would like to see how smooth the comfort level is.  I love the floaters of yore!

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