Fast Cars: 2015 Nissan Murano Review: A Star is Born?

Fast Cars: 2015 Nissan Murano Review: A Star is Born?

Awesome fast car review: 2015 Nissan Murano Review: A Star is Born?

( ) The 2015 Nissan Murano is a elegant take on a stylish crossover. You can tell that Nissan really wanted to make sure the new Murano not only drove well but did so in style. Did Nissan succeed. In this TFLcar Review Nathan finds out on a slushy day in Colorado.

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23 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2015 Nissan Murano Review: A Star is Born?”

  1. man oh man I would really love to see the review for the Nissan murrano crosscabriolet vs the range rover evoqe concerto on gold mine hill now that will be awesome !!! NOW the only competitor for the Range Rover Evoque is the Nissan murrano crosscabriolet convertible

  2. I love my 2017 Nissan Murano SL AWD. Great review. Got mine for a month now and enjoying the ride every second, told my wife…ask me anywhere to drive you I will drive.

  3. Based on what I saw on Consumer Report, and what I saw on this channel I went to see the Nissan Murano. The one I saw was 40K the visibility was very poor rear window practically none existent, if you are a 6 footer + you're going to have a tough times with the windows, I guess they are highly dependent on all that fly by wire stuff (sales person kept pushing fly by wire) but if you can take a trip let's say the Pacific Coast Highway you're not going to see much of it. The interior wasn't bad but not great either, if your budget can take a 40K hit there is a lot more choices out there.

  4. The styling sucks. I looks like a child's toy in my opinion. The rounded off edges EVERYWHERE are a little too much for me. Hyundai/Kia and even Toyota have good styling. Jeep, Chrysler, dodge of course all have great looking vehicles. Nissan is meh.

  5. Is the fuel consumption "mediocre" or "pretty impressive?" It can't be both, unless you're impressed by mediocre. If you are, we have no reason to watch your reviews. Also, is that consumption for FWD or AWD?

    You're also too excited about "a little bit of curb appeal."

    Bose is a company out of Boston, MA (Framingham technically), not Germany or Holland. No need to mispronounce it in a fake European way.

    "Low, low vehicle"… how low is it? "Low" is subjective. Ground clearance is measured in inches or centimeters. Not in "low", "medium" or "high." When you're comparing SUVs' ground clearance between vehicles, that info is important.

    How tall is Andre? With his freakishly long legs, he might be 5'5 for all we know. Give us something to compare to.

    When you guys do reviews, you need to remember that you're speaking to a viewer who knows NOTHING about this car and needs true comparisons or at least info that can be used for comparisons. We don't watch because we're just so excited to hear about your feelings today. We want clear, concise and useful information to be presented in a fun and understandable way. That's your goal. This presentation seems to have fallen well short of that goal.

  6. which segment does the murano fall under exactly? I know it's definitely not in the same segment as a Rav4. so then does it make the same as a Highlander?

  7. I'd pick the 2015 Ford Territory or the 2015 KIA Sorento over the 2015 Murano. 
    Since I want a reliable SUV that looks good with decent engine power, I would highly consider the 2015 Sorento over anything else in this segment.

  8. The front still looks ugly in person. And the underpowered engine coupled with the CVT still means that the 2015 Murano is an underpowered, and low rev driving experience. Disappointed overall. For me, the 2015 KIA Sorento is the best crossover SUV in this price range.

  9. I just test drove the top of the line Murano.  This is my take.  The chrome bar underneath the front end seems out of place.  Although it looks narrow on the outside the inside is big. Uneven chrome lines separating the doors and the body when the doors are closed.  The front seats are very narrow, compared to my 2013 VW GTI leather seats.  The center console separating the driver n passenger was flexing when I rested my leg against it.  The push start button area flexed when depressing the start button.  I didn't try the back seat area.  The stereo sounded good.  However the finish on the radio/nav screen and the silver accent around the stereo was blinding me as I drove towards the sun.  The screen is difficult to see when the sun is striking it.  The ride quality was very good and no harshness was noticed as I drove on some very bad surfaced roads, that's with 20" wheels.  The same road is terrible in my VW GTI.  Over all this version of the Murano is not bad.  However it will probably be an outstanding vehicle after they work out the bugs. Nissan normally needs three to five years to work out the bugs.  Besides the Murano I drove the Audi Q3 and was surprised at how well it did against the Murano. However its much smaller on the inside. I also drove the Lexus NX.  The Murano is quieter than the NX.  The Lexus interior is better than the Q3 and its quality is better than the Murano.  The Murano interior is better looking than the Audi but again the Murano has some cheapness associated with solid feel.  I think the outside of the Murano and NX are too sculptured for my tastes. The Murano and NX are more of a feminine biased shape.  I prefer the stately Audi SUV's at this point.  I recommend you test drive the NX and Q3 if you are considering the top of the line Murano though.

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