Fast Cars: 2015 VW Golf Mk7 vs Ford focus vs Subaru Impreza Matchup Review

Fast Cars: 2015 VW Golf Mk7 vs Ford focus vs Subaru Impreza Matchup Review

Awesome fast car review: 2015 VW Golf Mk7 vs Ford focus vs Subaru Impreza Matchup Review

( ) The new 2015 Volkswagen Golf Mk7 will be on sale in America this summer. It competes directly with the Ford focus and the Subaru Impreza. All three cars are compact hatchbacks that get at least 30 MPG combined. So which one is the best buy. In another accurate, fun and informative TFLcar Matchup Review Roman takes all three for drive to compare and contract them to each other.

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42 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2015 VW Golf Mk7 vs Ford focus vs Subaru Impreza Matchup Review”

  1. Thanks Roman for another good video. Just curious to know how you'd feel about the Impreza if it had a manual trans instead of the CVT. I'm presuming that those are available with a stick. Also, what are your thoughts on overall quality, which of these three cars provide the best long-term reliability?

  2. Is the current Golf a reliable car? I am looking at the 1.8T and 6 speed (regular) torque converter automatic. I've heard that the automatic is a bit lazy to shift, as it is probably programmed for fuel economy over performance.

    I am looking to replace my Ford Focus (it's a great driver's car with a horribly unreliable transmission) with a SEL (Highline in Canada) Golf 1.8T with automatic. Current Golf drivers: have any of you had any big mechanical failures with the 1.8T and automatic? Any minor or major electrical problems? I have heard that the Mark VII was a big stepping stone for VW reliability, in that it is a lot better.

    I really want to stay away from a CVT (which eliminates a lot of choices) because I don't feel that a CVT is that reliable in the long run.

  3. Subaru fixed a lot of their main complaints with the 2014 Impreza in the 2015 model. Added paddle shifters to allow for a simulated shifting with the CVT, thicker glass to reduce background road noise, and the interior has a lot more room than you would think. Yes it's interior isn't fancy but it's a not a luxury car, it's Subaru's base model, and for under $21k with AWD in my opinion, it's a solid option for those that live in the North where snow is a problem. I personally enjoy my Impreza, don't really have any negatives except for small OCD things (example the garage door opener buttons in the review mirror aren't back lit so at night you can't see them). 

  4. Subaru interior, fit and finish, tech, road noise and vibration dampening is on par with Asian products 10-12 yrs ago ….. Not impressively all …. And holy shit slow…. The 2.0l and 2.5l are under-powered to say the least.

  5. I loved VW's but my last two left me dead on the side of the road. The first Golf's wiring harness in the engine compartment shorted out and melted causing catastrophic failures beyond economical repair. Then my Jetta, after replacing a Cat Converter, shocks, strut mounts etc, simultaneously blew a head gasket and timing belt and left me stranded in a snow storm. Both were absolutely horrible in the snow. I went with the 2015 Subaru. I just drove back and forth to the store in 6 inches of snow with no issues. I never would have made it home in the Jetta. So for New England Weather and for long term reliability the VW is out for me. If I move to CA or FL I would reconsider. But I will take any performance trade off to be sure I can actually make it back home alive or without having to call a tow truck.

  6. Everybody always talks shit about subaru but they picked the base model. I have a sport limited 2012 but they really couldn't have picked a higher model. Smh subaru is better than most cars

  7. I have the manual transmission impreza and it's a much more fun car.  Worse MPG (29 combined) I suppose, but you can actually access the torque band.  And it's very chuckable in the corners – I like the chassis a bunch.

  8. I don't understand why VW provided automotive journalist with the base, 2.0i Impreza and then crossed tested it with a mid-trim, S model Golf. A better and more accurate comparison would have been between the Impreza 2.0i Premium Hatchback (MSRP: $21,590) and the Golf S Four Door (MSPR: $21,515). The premium, despite only being one step above the base model, is a far nicer car with a lot more features. And having seen a lot of the comments I can agree that the interior of Subaru's are bland, but I also think it should be noted that they are simple to use, well laid out, and finally have good quality materials in them, which is something that can't be said about the previous generation Impreza. Furthermore, regarding the CVT, Subaru has done its best to address one of the chief issues with their cars, which was fuel economy and I think with the use of the CVT they have achieved a great benchmark while being class leading in the CVT segment. Would I have the manual? Absolutely. And being a car guy I would even pay more to have the manual, but for the average driver the CVT cars do everything they need to do well. And do I think the Impreza needs a more powerful engine? Yes. I can't understand why Subaru wouldn't put the 2.0L unit from the BRZ or the 2.5L unit from the Forester in the Impreza and equip the cars with a 6-Speed manual or at least make those options offered. It would make a world of difference. But, with all of that in mind, I would still choose the Impreza over the other two cars that were tested. There is no denying that the other two are more fun and quicker cars, but living in NY and having driven Subaru's as a job I can see that when the snow or bad weather comes they are the perfect, safe, reliable, practical, and fuel efficient automotive companion.

  9. I wonder what his response would be to a CVT if he didn't ave the auditory input?  Everything else seems good.  I think he's just looking for vrooom, vrooom, vroom.

  10. I buy the focus assembled in America and Is am American brand profits stay here doesn't go over seas BE PROUD support our economic support your country keep jobs here.

  11. Blah blah blah CVT in the Subaru…. Here's an idea, get one with the 5spd manual like I did. Plenty fun to drive. I realize that you have to drive the vehicle they give you for these reviews but at least noting that the CVT isn't the only option would be nice. It's also worth noting that the Impreza was the only base model in the group. For the price of that Focus you can get the Sport Premium Impreza with 17" gray alloys, roof rails, heated seats, etc, etc. The interior is still pretty bland but very functional. For me the AWD was very worth the tradeoff for not having lots of gadgets inside.

  12. why you didnt use the 2.0 NA golf? you made the golf have a much better engine compared. put a turbo on the other two and then compare it. since you wanted to use base engines vs a ringer car.

  13. please try to do a better job on Audio editing.  your voice is mixed too quiet and the music is mixed too loud and it keeps jumping from whispering to blasting.  at least if you're listening on headphones or big speakers.

  14. So many stupid comments…

    I actually considered buying the 2015 GTI, but it wasn't available two months ago so i had to forego the purchase and get myself a new Scion

  15. Roman you're doing a great job sir! The seventh gen Golf is really nice, (sat in it the other day) but I think VW purposely forgot to include the new Mazda3 in this comparison because that car is pretty sweet given it's price and package. Credit goes to VW for reducing the price while simultaneously maintaining quality and offering a fantastic base engine. Thank goodness that 2.5l  is gone! One major faux paw with the new golf is the 5 speed manual. VW needs to get with the times and offer at the very least a 6th gear for additional fuel savings. Can't wait to see what tuners will do with that 1.8L Turbo!

  16. I think my biggest issue with this video is that there are a few omissions. While I can't pretend that I know as much about the Subaru or the VW, I am a Ford salesman and that focus is an SE (mid-level) with the option of leather. It has the non-touch screen MyFord, and doesn't seem to be comparably equipped to the VW which has both leather and a touchscreen that I do know is optional. My suspicion is only further enhanced by the fact that the price of the ford as tested and the subaru as tested are given, while the volkswagen is knot given a price as tested. I have no problem admitting that it's awesome that you can get leather, touchscreen, and a small turbo engine in the vw, I want to make sure that the pricing is actually comparable. I will also concede that it's upsetting that the focus is offered with a 1.6L turbo abroad but not here in the states. It would be much more comparable to the vw.

  17. You weren't in San Francisco but in Richmond. Also, the design elements in the Golf were not "disparaging" but "disparate." As to the comparison itself, it's unfair because the Golf is 2015, the other two 2014 models. It's already clear that in the case of the Focus significant changes are in the works for 2015, which should change the equation significantly. 

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