Fast Cars: 2016 Chevy Volt Snowy Review: Electricity + Snow = Surprise

Fast Cars: 2016 Chevy Volt Snowy Review: Electricity + Snow = Surprise

Awesome fast car review: 2016 Chevy Volt Snowy Review: Electricity + Snow = Surprise

( ) 2016 Chevy Volt – The new Chevrolet Volt displays an all-new sleek exterior design, weighs less, is 12 percent more efficient and provides more range (53 miles EV city and 420 miles with combined EV and gas engine based on a full charge and full 8.9 gallon gas tank). Top speed is electronically limited to 98 mph, and the Volt is capable of zipping from 0-60 mph in 8.4 seconds, and the Volt now accommodates 5 passengers, with available heated seats.

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30 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2016 Chevy Volt Snowy Review: Electricity + Snow = Surprise”

  1. The fifth seat is for a baby seat and that is an important improvement over the 1st generation. If you need a car for five adults, get something else.

  2. I have a 9 volt rechargeable battery that is from the 90s and two car batteries one 11 years old and the other is 9 years old. The reason theses batteries lasted this long, is I have a technology that makes this possible.

    Too bad the auto industry is not to be trusted! Otherwise I would try to make a deal with them, for this technology.

    I guess I can just refurbish electric car batteries on my own.

    As long as the battery does not have internal shorts…it can be saved. Usually with more capacity than when the battery was brand new around a ten percent difference.

  3. Putting 3 people in the back seat of a car this size is the same as putting 3 people in the single cab of a 2003 Ford Ranger with a stick shift. WHY would you actually do it…. I liked the rear console better it will get way more use. Rims are ugly on the new model, copied too many others too late. 1st Gen 'turbine' rims were more fitting.

  4. 10 inches of snow it would have to handle where I live. Winter tires and better plow through that snow! Also temp down to – 37 . My hybrid said system failure at those temperatures

  5. Misleading, you missed the point of what a plug-in car is. And what kind of drivetrain did you say it was? I am looking for info to possibly upgrade my 5yr old volt, that has been one of the most practical and fun cars I’ve owned. Driving electric just seems so easy, simple and natural; compared to my v8 German car.

  6. My two issues are: 1) it looks like the Cruze (not a bad thing but it should be different. 2)Why develope the flat pack battery for the Bolt and the T pack 2.0? It really could've been a 5 seater with the flat pack battery.

  7. Their value used is fantastic as a daily commuter. I have a 2012 I bought a couple years ago for 13k it saves me HUGE money on a daily driver cost of ownership. Little to no gas and far less maintenance.

  8. Well done video, crappy title, like so many other videos. This was in absolutely no way a snow performance review of the car. And the only surprise was that there was no snow performance review. Very disappointing.

    The TFL guys make beautiful and entertaining videos, but they are usually biased, misleading, or just plain lacking in useful and/or advertised content. I might as well be watching those three British wankers who have devolved into a traveling circus.

  9. Horrible, Title is Volt SNowy review, Volt + SNow and you spent 2 seconds mentioning snow. Nothing about if snow takes away from miles/range, or how much or what kind of range can be expected in cold snowy conditions with heat on/off. None of it. Just not that smart considering the title.

  10. The wider rear track than front track EV chassis all in all brands : 0.7g the lowest traction, extreme tail flick, extreme slide in F1 speed.

    End report.

    All brands database

  11. Seeing a dude help push u with snow not over 6 inches proves I need a awd-4×4 ev. You driving on the road with no problem because it's been cleared or melted by lots of cars already running over it.
    Imagine snow on the highway 6-8 inches not yet paved. Will u get stuck?
    I need high clearance and a 4by in NYC winters which happens once or twice a year… but those R the worse days where the boss needs me to be going sucks but that's y I need a monster truck

  12. Thanks Nathan for another great simple test. If I was going to buy a high mileage car? The Volt would be in the top of my list. As a matter of fact, the only other car I would even consider would be the Lexus CT 200 h. Which is also a nice car, if I could find one and get a decent deal on one it would be the CR 200h FSport. If a Volt it would have to be the Premier in Peal White for either!

  13. @4:10 "Even the placement of the buttons… much easier place to live in." RIGHT as it pans over that ridiculous place they moved the "mode" button.
    I swear every time a review claims the console is better they're looking at the climate controls and not actually driving the damn thing. In the real world, Volt users need access to that mode button, and in the real world people put drinks in their cup holders.

  14. Correction to this video; Its not gas and electric "combined power". The car runs on Electric ONLY. It makes no difference what the gas engine makes for power – it only turns a generator. Please correct this in the video.

  15. Umm, for a performance review and talking about a surprise in the snow I'm shocked(pun) you didn't mention how when in the regen low option that it applied a slowing down effect at all times not on accelerating which greatly increases safety on snow. It's an amazing feeling having the car never wanting the car to get away from you on treacherous hills.

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