Fast Cars: 2016 KIA Optima First Drive Review: Don’t Mess with Success!

Fast Cars: 2016 KIA Optima First Drive Review: Don’t Mess with Success!

Awesome fast car review: 2016 KIA Optima First Drive Review: Don’t Mess with Success!

( ) The 2016 KIA Optima is all new but from the outside you might find it hard to tell. In this TFLcar first drive review Roman gets behind the wheel of the new 2016 KIA Optima and finds out just much the sedan has been improved.

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40 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2016 KIA Optima First Drive Review: Don’t Mess with Success!”

  1. They made some nice refinements, compared to many other designs,  like Camry ,
    some beautiful years, then suddenly 2015 or so they went back to the
    dreaded 'shoe box' look. Optima  keeps refining and improving, not just
    going for shock designs.

  2. Does anyone know if you can remove the metal shavings with a magnet in the oil
    pan? 2012 to 15 seem to be in a recall , and 2016 is occasionally mentioned, 
    I would be happy to remedy the existence of the shavings myself if there is
    a way to do it, so far google has zero info on the remedy not counting the
    recall route.

  3. The best feature for 2016 is the cup holders— got fixed , 2015 and earlier went to
    to a 'freak show' ergonomic horror show, 2016 back on track…..☺, parallel  to the
    longitudinal axis, not off on some weird configuration, that put them in horrible

  4. horrible bias review. seemed so unenthusiastic like he was doing chores or something….this guy gets paid to shit on korean because hes secretly rocking a confederate flag.

  5. always lol at you dork reviewers who seek out plastic like a demented blood hound. name a car under 45 grand that doesn't have plastic in it? if your reference is a $750k rolls royce, then yeah, let's fuss about the presence of plastic. but that is a pretty mental standard.

  6. KIA means Killed In Action. My friend really hated this car after having tons of problems in the first year of ownership, and the service is absolutely horrible. I told him to sell it, but he is having hard time to sell it with it due to the mechanical and electronic issues.

  7. why the fuck do you sit so close to the steering wheel like a 80 year old lady then complain when your fucking knees hit the plastic on the side?fucking moron complain about something that makes sense

  8. I own a 2015 Kia Optima EX, and while there is some good to the vehicle there is just two many negatives for a 27,000 dollar car. While the driver and back seats are pretty good the passenger seat is horrible. This has been a problem with Kia since the new design of the Optima. How in the world do you not raise the seat if your not go7ng to offer a manual pump or power to adjust the seat. It took Kia all the way to the 2016 model to realize people don't want to sit on the floor. Now I'm telling people that all the seats are good in the optima. I'm saying all mine except for the passenger seat is good. That's because mine has the leather seats. If you go with the LX your probably not going to be happy with the seats in that car, especially for long drives. My nephew has that model and I wouldn't recommend that car. Also the information screen might be the worse in any vehicle of this level. Just a horrible system with not much value at all. It basically only gives you your average gas milage, and how many miles till your tank is emptied. The radio is a joke, the speakers are of the cheapest grade. And the cheap plastic inside this car goes on forever. I will say it's a nice riding car and pretty quiet inside. Although if you live where it snows, do not depend on this car to get you around. This IS the worse car I have ever driven in winter. I hear the 2016 model is much better. I just can't buy another Kia after feeling I got ripped off badly. Just got my son a used 2013 Buick LaCrosse for 17,00 dollars and it had 22, 347 miles on it. That's a car compared to my Optima EX. Everything about that car feels much more quality in comparison except for the power. My son says people said he had a old persons car. I said trade me and people won't say that too you. He said No disrespect dad, but my car is way better than yours, lol.

  9. I just had this car as a rental- it was great! It drove like a sports car! I was surprised how well it handled corners and how responsive the transmission was! That's why I'm here to see what he thinks! I must say, take out any of the models out and you'll see how enjoyable it is! Sure beats a Camry or Accord!

  10. KIA – Killed in Action during driving? Who was the moron who approved this name as the brand? It's a horrible name to establish a brand. No wonder it has such difficulty to sell in the western markets.

  11. You mentioned that it bothered your right knee and that some other cars do that as well- we are looking for a mid size sedan with good gas mileage since my rather large husband drives the interstate alot back and forth from work but he also has that problem with certain cars bothering his knee/leg on that side or lifting his left leg up too high on the left side cause of that hump in the floor some of them have. What do you recommend looking at and what do you recommend staying away from? thanks so much

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