Fast Cars: 2016 Nissan Sentra First Drive Review: Refreshed but Ready to Compete?

Fast Cars: 2016 Nissan Sentra First Drive Review: Refreshed but Ready to Compete?

Awesome fast car review: 2016 Nissan Sentra First Drive Review: Refreshed but Ready to Compete?

( ) 2016 Nissan Sentra – In 1982 Nissan launched the Sentra. Over 30 years later the Sentra has become Nissan’s third best selling car. But in a tight market segment dominated by the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic did Nissan do enough to update the 2016 Nissan Sentra?

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43 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2016 Nissan Sentra First Drive Review: Refreshed but Ready to Compete?”

  1. I'll be very honest, the only reason I'm looking at this video is because as far as I know the Sentra is the only Nissan I can get with a Manual Transmission.
    If it wasn't for this option I would never even glance at a Nissan. Not just because of the sluggish CVT but because of the cheap outdated interior.

  2. My mom has a 2010 SR it's a fairly good car it does handel well and it has good pep but if you're 5'7 and up (I'm 5'9) you'll have to duck your head down getting in and out

  3. I think this Sentra looks better than the Altima & that's a first lol. The Altima looks hideous in the front & center display looks cheaper in the Altima than the Sentra

  4. Last time i checked the 1.8 makes 188hp not 130hp. If you're going to review a car make sure you get your facts straight. People rely on these reviews to make buying decisions.

  5. These cars are flying off of the dealers. And also from the streets. Here, along with the Versa, X-Trail (Rogue) and the B13 Sentra (we still get them new) get stolen everyday.

  6. As a kid I saw a PBS documentary on the Japanese that build Nissan's they're no joke its like a serious religion all I could think of was comparing my drunk neighbor going to work hungover at the Chevy dealer to these well disciplined Japanese plant workers. lol

  7. guys pleaseeeee dont u think that if im taking the time to watch this video is because most likely im looking for the chips model !!! alway test the chips automatic . tnx

  8. i have the 2013 and my dealership is offering no down and same monthly payments for trade-in. I'm seriously considering getting the blue one if they have it

  9. Styling-wise it's an improvement on the last one. Not that the last one was ugly, it was just boring. The billed it as the car to impress your boss, i.e. a wannabe luxury car, and the styling to me was reminiscent of a late 90's Lexus… but shrunk. The proportions were off. While I respected their adoption of LED technology, it look like they got the LED strips (especially the ones at the front) from their local hardware store and stuck them on as an afterthought. Also the grille and chrome accents were over the top and unnecessary. It looked too hard like they were trying to mimic a premium luxury product but in a small car, the way premium and luxury are done in larger cars. Fiat, and especially Mini have done a great job in creating a premium upscale small car product.

    Overall, the last model lacked stance, it seemed higher than it was wide. That being said, it did look great in Nismo trim. Mazda and more recently Honda with the 2015 and 2016 Civics have done an excellent job in bringing premium value to the segment. This new Sentra is a big improvement. There is a more tasteful and restrained use of chrome here, the blacked out honeycomb grille is back. Not so sure I would put it up there, but I would put it ahead of the Corolla.

    That being said, this looks like the top trim, and for me, this is the one that competes with the Mazda 3 and Civic. I would considder getting a Sentra, but only this trimp level, and only if I could get a better deal on a Mazda 3 GS or Civic LX. I would not consider getting the base Sentra.

  10. this car is good looking. i like its looks better than a civic or any american compact cars. but the features insidde is not as good as the outside. to name a few, it has not Apple carplay or android auto, power is lacking, etc.

  11. "this is a quieter vehicle" while driving on mirror smooth asphalt.
    …and that was my experience too, but get on an average road surface at over 20MPH and it's a different story.

  12. Why did Nissan only made the base model with a manual transmission but not the top of the line model I'm beginning to think my 04 Nissan Sentra SER Spec V is better then this

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