Fast Cars: 2018 Audi S5 Review: Is Less More?

Fast Cars: 2018 Audi S5 Review: Is Less More?

Awesome fast car review: 2018 Audi S5 Review: Is Less More?

( ) 2018 Audi S5 Review: Is Less More?

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39 Replies to “Fast Cars: 2018 Audi S5 Review: Is Less More?”

  1. Dual-Clutch Transmissions aren't manuals. I've owned dual clutches and the modern Torque Converter Automatics are actually better. There's a reason why Dual Clutch transmissions haven't replaced traditional autos. And that is because they are loud, clunky, and jerky in low-speed situations. After driving an M135i with a modern torque converter auto, I realized that Dual-Clutch trans aren't' necessary. And this was while I had an EVO X MR that has a Dual Clutch trans so I had a direct comparison.

  2. My S5 2018 is just awesome,however the way i drive and driven all my cars i can only make 12 MPG.And that is not on sport mode.I had A6 2015 2.0L and 220HP and was doing 15MPG,even driving slow.So there is no such thing as 21MPG as Audi states(in city).
    I think if i drive only on sport(dynamic) mode i would never be able to go over 8MPG.

  3. you don't buy an s5 for the comfort, you buy it for out of factory sportiness, hence the 2 doors, s badging, sport everything, aggressive styling, etc. please throw the DCT in.

  4. For that kind of money you can buy a mustang gt and save thousands. I think I'll buy an Audi soon it'll just have to be the right car for the right price. It has to be worth the money I'm giving over.

  5. I loved Audis for 3 reason: exterior, interior, and manual transmission. Now newly redesign S5 looks nice on the outside, but interior look dropped from the previous generation. Don't get me wrong, it looks really nice but so does BMW's interior. When I was looking for new car and test drove BMW I loved how the car felt and drove and over all experience. When I test drove Audi right there I decided that it will be my next car. Interior was absolutely awesome! But it's no longer the edge in my opinion. Now it's equal to BMW's. And now they don't offer manual. So I guess all good things come to an end. I'm going to drive my stick for another year and ….BMW it is :/

  6. What a sorry a$$ excuse Audi gave for not putting stick shift in S5. So Dodge “figured out” how to do it in their 700hp sports cars, Chevy figured out with their Camaros and Corvettes, BMW figured out with their cars especially M series, but Audi the “truth in engineering” could not. Pathetic I must say. Hey Audi, people that drive stick know how to drive stick including the ability to “smoothly” shift gears the "problem" that you’re talking about. F*ck it, I”ll just buy BMW 4-series with stick shift. If you don’t want that 8% of your revenues or whatever percentage is for manual cars , then other car makers will take it. Whatever.

  7. I had the previous Audi S5 and loved it – the biggest thing for me will be the loss of the V8. You can't drive a car like this at 10/10ths or even 9/10ths on most roads without encouraging the attention of the Plod, so for me it was more about style, day to day performance and 4WD security, plus that V8 growl. I'm contemplating getting one of these……but i just hope i'm not let down. Oh and i'm also looking at the Mercedes E43 AMG Coupe which has a bit more space but really poor boot opening for my snowboard!!

  8. Love the S5! I still will nit-pick the issue ( to me anyway) of the non-retractable center screen! It would really clean up the aspects of the dash design to me.

  9. Audi/VW's turbo dual-clutch cars are SO sluggish off the line, I wonder if the auto trans solves that. If so, great! Don't even try to say, tho, that a car with its entire engine ahead of the front axle line drives like a RWD car.

  10. As a b8 owner, exterior-wise, I no longer feel like my car will be outdated with the new one and I prefer my front end compared to the new car.

    But the new interior is a thing of beauty. (Besides that pop up iPad screen thing)

  11. I think you should make mention that the sunroof opens fully now. I think a lot of people didn't realize that it only tilted in the previous generation and now it completely opens as well as tilts now.

  12. This guy talks crap about all other cars but think Audi makes the best cars in the world because he's an Audi fanboy. Plz have Nathan make the reviews because he's honest, not a fanboy

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